Multumult – Zigzag


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

They don’t give you much but what you receive will take a while to digest, even if you’ve a taste for it there is no way to confine these three tracks to a specific definition. Multumult for this release were a quartet focusing on avant-garde free-form jazz-based composition. Got all that down? Well good because those definitions won’t do much good with regard to ‘Zigzag’, as a matter of fact the only guide you get is contained in the title. That is one thing this lot manage to do with feral abandon. When one set of sounds become too recognizable then it’s time to change it up and my word they don’t just apply a few differing variables.

Two of the three pieces on here are under ten minutes so pay attention, they’ll throw you off effortlessly if you don’t stay focused on your surroundings. “Dedal” becomes quite hostile throughout it’s 4:56 run, you were warned. “Zig” being the first entry sets the tone almost immediately: nothing is what it appears, there will be no reprieves and safeguards are out of the question.

The final cut (har har) we encounter is the spacious, skittery “Zag” which at nearly 20 minutes packs in their entire arsenal magnificently. Through the use of clarinet, electric cello and guitar, drums, alto sax, voice, flute and tenor recorder we’re given a tour de force in improvisation and experimentation which is fearless. To be able to weave so many disparate instruments into a cohesive artistic endeavor is remarkable in itself but that isn’t enough for these fellows. They can also play.

My oh my can they play.

Maybe it won’t be your cup of tea and perhaps it will come across as just so much random noise but keep at it. Do not give up on Multumult because next time around what you’re hearing will sound tame by comparison. The elements have shifted and they’re now a trio which will lead them to places I cannot even begin to imagine. ‘Zigzag’ does not just play out through your speakers as most other albums do, it attacks you on both instinctual and intellectual levels; getting inside your head and then cutting across the regions viciously, they deftly move back and forth between order and chaos at the flick of a synaptic gap.

Thirsty Leaves Music, TLM005
CD/Digital 2015

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