2015 Through My Eyes: Rüdiger [Apoptose]


No new album from Apoptose this year. But as Rüdiger himself says, it was a creative year for him. Hopefully we’ll listen to “Ana Liil” successor sooner or later this year, but right now we invite you to read this short interview with the musician about the 2015.

Tell us your way for a succesful or happy life. Do you think that man is able to live free from religion? What do you think is the meaning of our existence?

Oh, you start with the “simple” questions… Is there a god? Why do we live? Why does a tree grow? Is it just by accident or does it serve a purpose? I am happy that there is no definitive answer to this kind of questions. So everybody is free to find her/his own meaning in life. I believe that art holds a key to show you the way. Be it music or painting or poetry or something else. You just have to be attentive.

How would you sum up your musical activity in 2015?

It has been a creative year for me. We played live a couple of times and I recorded many demos for new songs. That was the fun part. The difficult part is waiting in 2016: to turn these demos into songs and compose a full album from that.

How did you spend the holiday season?

I had a relaxed time with family and friends. No computer, no thoughts about the meaning of life. Just reading books and spending time outside together.

Is there any film / book / theatrical play / exhibition / computer game which made a particular impression on you in 2015?

In 2015 I liked the movie “Victoria” a lot. It’s a German movie with was filmed in one shot without any cuts. Something like a tragic love story that shows how life can change completely in the course of one summer night in Berlin. Absolutely recommended!

Did this year change you in any way, changed your perception of the world, perhaps opened your eyes on something?

A moment in 2015 rekindled my thoughts about the proper way to release music. Past summer I had a short conversation with a young British songwriter after one of his gigs. Just the normal chit-chat but a subclause in one of his remarks gave me food for thought. He said he wasn’t sure how the artwork on the inside of his latest CD looks like because he doesn’t own a CD player.

Of course I know that the music business changes since 20 years but I still think in terms of physical albums and singles. The remark of this fellow made me realize that many people have a completely different approach to music than myself. I still think about what would be a reasonable and satisfying way to release songs in the future so that they are special and not just data-files. What could be a proper replacement for a physical release? I am afraid this question won’t be answered in the next couple of years. Any suggestions?

Any moment of 2015 you’ll remember on your death bed?

There were some great moments this year for me: breathing fresh air and hiking in the Swiss mountains with the family. Being on stage. We’ll see if they make it in the final film…

Your predictions for the world (in the political and cultural context) for 2016?

I’m just a musician. I prefer to leave the big scale predictions to other people and mind my own business.

Your personal plans, hopes, expectations for 2016?

There are no plans except for completing the new album. But I have the impression that it is getting harder to achieve what you have in mind the more albums you released. So I don’t give myself a deadline. I just work on it whenever it feels right.

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