2015 Through My Eyes: Erik Jarl [Jarl/IRM]


Erik Jarl, a member of IRM collective and also a solo musician. His album about The Dyatlov Pass incident is one of the best industrial albums that saw the light of the day this year. Here’s Erik thoughts on 2015.

Tell us your way for a succesful or happy life. Do you think that man is able to live free from religion? What do you think is the meaning of our existence?

I dont think there is a meaning of our existence, you make up your own meaning, thats all. I actually dont think man will ever be able to live free from religion, religion will always be needed by man.

How would you sum up your musical activity in 2015?

I’ve started to make longer and longer tracks, and that make it all more difficult. On the other hand I haven’t worked as much with music as the past year. Will hopefully work more next year.

How are you going to spend the upcoming holiday season?

At the moment I have no idea.


Is there any film / book / theatrical play / exhibition / computer game which made a particular impression on you in 2015?

“Behind the Pink Curtain” by Jasper Sharp.A book about the erotic japanese pink films from the start ’til now, highly recommended.

Did this year change you in any way, changed your perception of the world, perhaps opened your eyes on something?

Not really actually. I didn’t became either a better or worse person this year.

 Any moment of 2015 you’ll remember on your death bed?

The Paris terror attack.

Your predictions for the world (in the political and cultural context) for 2016?

No idea, But I’m quite pessimistic about the future.

Your personal plans, hopes, expectations for 2016?

Read more books about film. I got a couple in the bookshelves thats waiting to be red. Continue recording sounds, hopefully more often than this year.

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