Various Artists ‎– Gaderung: A Tribute To Sixth Comm


[Reviewed by stark]

This tribute compilation to Sixth Comm fell into my hands some time ago, but I didn’t feel like listening to it, not to mention writing a review. I like the original Patrick Leagas’ project, but I know how it is when it comes to this kind of joint ventures and covers in general – sometimes one or another musician will manage at least to some degree to capture the spirit of the original, but the examples that have outdone it … only one comes to my mind at the moment, Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine” interpreted by Voivod. More often they’re weak, and the cover causes fatigue, amusement, sometimes even embarrassment and annoyance – here my personal crown examples are Ulver and how they massacred Dead Can Dance’s “In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings” ( the fact that this cover is generally considered to be one of the best will always be my mystery of the universe) and “Epitaph” by You_Should_Know _Who, raped vocally by some broad in In The Woods interpretation.

Okay, back to the “Gaderung” tribute, which was released only in digital form and includes a whole thirty-two pieces, mostly by second and third neofolk-martial-electro league acts, a few recognized artists (Ain Soph, David E. Williams) and several names that don’t say anything to me. In general “Gaderung” doesn’t bring any surprises, proposing a few covers that are not so bad, a whole bunch of those that fly out of your memory even before the song ends and a few pieces of trash. Lia Fail sounds nice, they brought some “Spiritualfrontesque” lightness to “Drown By Faith”. While Engelsstaub spawned an angular log of “A Nothing Life”. Tribes Of Medusa come out pretty good, replacing shrill guitar parts with dark drones, heavily approaching their track to the dark ambient style. “Serpent Dance” performed by Ain Soph is disappointing- I can’t even express how boring it is. In contrast to David E. Williams, who in his own style interprets “Doubt To Death”. Different but charming.

I am surprised myself that I liked Human Nihil – their “Born Again” cover could fit the soundtrack to “Hotline Miami”. On the other hand I expected more from Strydwolf. They stretch “Will Of War” like a fudge of an unquestionable freshness. “Othila” is one of the biggest hits of Sixth Comm, and certainly my favorite one. Fortunately, Stein didn’t butcher this song, but also didn’t bring anything new to it.

The rest … well, don’t bother your head with it. The few laptop militarists are the worst, their blast goes beyond the legal limit. Generally, you can take a listen to the whole thing, especially since the compilation is free to download, but don’t expect miracles.

Various Artists ‎– Gaderung: A Tribute To Sixth Comm
Radio Body Music, RBM 004
Digital 2013

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