Abbildung – All Demons Are Horned


Concerning the review of Abbildung’s latest material that appeared on our website a couple of months ago: the Dutch label Winter Light released the final version of “Horned”, that is now called “All Demons Are Horned”. Compared to the demo version, it contains two additional tracks, the whole thing is properly mastered and the release has a new graphic design. A monumental piece of classic dark ambient recommended to all fans of the genre.

[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

It is of great interest when you come across robust, meticulously constructed musical projects in the field of dark ambient. Abbildung has been sweeping the realms of ideographic music for a while now, but his name still has little acknowledgement from this conspicuous auditorium. The creator of the project takes great care in his presentation of Abbildung; musically, ideologically and graphically alike. The project’s website ( together with the website of his own label Essentia Mundi offer in abundance many disclosures pertaining to an unequivocal perspective upon his artistry.

Enough reasons to mentally engage in the exploration of this CD. The first piece, “Niim”, would completely convince any dark ambient listener of the clear authenticity of the project. The artist’s manner of composition juxtaposes interstellar loops of “Lustmordian” origin with soft harmonies graciously balanced by luminescent organ keys.

C., the project’s Romanian composer, approaches the musical texts with a rational mind, seeking aspects of congruity and coherence behind the illusionary visual manifestation of reality. Like on “Devia”, where the music bears such intentional connotation to the ‘concrete science fields’ that incept his ideology. The sound is condensed and coagulated by what seems like laboratory procedures forging the imagery of an experiment.

For those who want to get deeper into Abbildung’s Weltanschauung, the ideological excursus on the project’s website would be more than helpful. His music is constructed as to show what cannot be said. “Usdeno” captures that feeling one has when stripped of mentally ravaging thoughts, keeping solely their own perception. Terror and elevation accompany a certain process of re-memorizing the self, just as the music here haunts by fearful, evolving structures, maintaining also a state of religious, tranquillizing grace.

The trip C. takes above, below and through the known world takes a musical form on “Anthropocosmos”. He invites the listener along on an exploration of different nuances of human tropisms responding to environmental music. “Srater & Two-Spheres” is the last appearance on this offering, a piece intended as an elaboration and descanting of various sound sources. As it proceeds with tepid and unnerving textures, this fanciful musical narration of seemingly the manner celestial bodies develop on another scale than what our understanding can capture, gradually transforms into a surrogate cinematic recording.

The music on this CD should suffice to further explore the creations of Abbildung, who has released 3 albums and a collaboration with Kenji Siratori on Essentia Mundi that I, at least, am eager to discover.

AbbildungAll Demons Are Horned
Winter-Light, WIN004
CD 2015

ABBILDUNG – All Demons Are Horned (Official Promo) from Midnight Sun Studio on Vimeo.

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