Various Artists – Oompa Loopma Riot 2015


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

35 tracks by 35 different artists and I’ve only heard of two. My kind of compilation. What we have here is a fine fine collection of collage based and electronically derived experiments that ought to prove that there’s no shortage of acts out there who don’t give a damn what the rest of the world are doing. From the simple to the sublime this is one riot you’ll happily be a part of. The total run time must be well above two hours and yet it all goes by without ever once becoming tedious.

The way this wonderfully synthetic germ managed to escape the laboratory is quite simple: one group of musicians were contacted for submissions and instructed to let others know about. From there I think you can work out how this transpired. This is more a viral outbreak than compendium of music; ever listened to those early industrial bands and wondered why so many of them embraced drum machines… maybe you were curious as to where things could have wound up without the meddling of monetary reward.

Right here. In 2015. Here is your answer and it’s a reply so vitriolic and acrid it’ll leave your ears begging for mercy the first few times you hear it.

Nothing is off limits it appears with some entrants to the marathon opting for glacially serene ambient pieces while others abuse their technology in a brutish, crude manner which brings to mind angry drunks trying to work a television remote.

Terse Tapes history is an obscure yet remarkable one. I applaud their refusal to just rest on their laurels and take the easy way out with digital re-issues of long moldering work. They wanted you to have this, really. It’s only polite that you take them up on their offer (which will cost you nary a red cent) because ‘Oompa Loopma Riot 2015’ is something you don’t get often. The bountiful harvest under the rusted scythe; an overflowing cornucopia of rich textures which breathe vitality into the underground.

It is by turns menacing, musical, morose, melancholy, misanthropic and mischievous. Daunting though it appears when you look at it’s range there’s no reason to turn away. Everyone should have a copy of this if for no other reason than to quiet those murmuring voices which come at night with their endless questions.

Various Artists – Oompa Loopma Riot 2015
Terse Tapes/Sevcom
Digital 2015

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