Osmiroid – KOG (Apostille’s Bloody Moon Mix)


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

You might be wondering just what you have on your hands here, don’t let the title put you off. Done during the recent blood red super moon’s appearance, this is Osmiroid once more investigating the uncharted realm of KOG. Now what is KOG? For that you’ll have had to have been following along via the other two releases they have have done on the subject.

This is perhaps the final movement in a symphony of sedition, a crux of chaos and perhaps most tellingly a stab into surrealistic sentiment which will reduce your skull to a delicately fractured casing. No, explanations are not forthcoming but the sensory displacement which our fearless explorers are methodically transmitting is far too engaging for queries. One sits alone with this release and become aware of their infinitesimal place in the order of things.

Ah but why is this called a mix? It does blend elements of what has come before into a strange new brew which even without the title is clearly a lunar one. You see, I was outside when the blood moon came into view and could feel the hemoglobin in my veins reaching out to it. With stops and starts, this piece also gets underway yet never ever does it veer off course and become mindless noise. On the contrary.

Tightly constrictive narratives have been burnt into this composition, blooming and then bursting forth in random explosions of colorful electronic waves. When you play the new KOG entry it’s as though you are alone in the shadows bearing witness to a bizarrely engaging new exhibit on occult confluence. I must repeat again that there is nothing random to this, all the elements are placed and positioned in such a way as to create an atmosphere of palpable exhilaration.

One’s nerves are twisted up into snarled knots which can only be alleviated through playing what Osmiroid have conjured. Behind the clouds with the stars in tow the revelations begin and as the crimson light descends to alight on your skin there is the strangest feeling that you have been here before. In this crucible the truth shall be revealed.

OsmiroidKOG (Apostille’s Bloody Moon Mix)
Stars, Dots and the New Junk, starsdots024
LP/Digital 2015

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