Melting Demon – Oberatur


[Reviewed by stark]

This project is so mysterious that even by trying to obtain some information about it in cyberspace, my internet connection broke down. I learned nothing from the CD cover, except for the website address where there’s also very little news. Seems that they are from Sweden and the material entitled “Oberatur” is their not even full length debut.

“Oberatur” barely lasts twenty-two minutes . Three songs that can be described as junk industrial. Industrial for standard reasons, junk, because … I feel that it’s not computer-generated, or even using analog equipment, but created with what the guys (at least I’m guessing they’re guys) have found in a dumpster or junkyard. It seems that their main instruments are metal oil barrels, chains, pipes from dead vacuum cleaners etc. With these cute appliances they make dehumanized and soulless music, based on a fairly rapid, but monotonous rhythm. At least the first two, “Crystal Math” and “Oberatur” have such an aspect. The third track is quieter but paradoxically a lot happens here – the music takes on more space, you can at least try to breathe some fresh air in this stuffiness. Also the center of gravity is moved from industrial more into dark ambient. And a voice appears, in the manner that can be found on Turbund Sturmwerk releases.

Still, “Oberatur” did not particularly carry me away. It’s something like a bit more aggressive, contemporary and urban version of a native Aural Hypnox ritual. Although, as I read this sentence now, it may sound quite appealing. But it is all too raw, especially in terms of composition, to listen to it often for pleasure at home. Live performances are a different story, even the musicians themselves are aware of this fact, noting on the website that “To understand Melting Demon you must experience them live”. And I’m able to believe this, all the more for seeing the photos and short video clips. “A gig is a theatrical performance on an industrial working site. All instruments are power tools, oil drums, and other metal objects which form their distinct industrial sounds. As icing on the cake they love gas masks, rubber, and angel grinder sparks flying…” – this is also a quote from their website. So guys, if you’ll be performing somewhere in the neighborhood, I’m in, but this CD will probably stay on the shelf forever.

Melting DemonOberatur
Kollaps Records
CD 2015

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