Neznamo ‎– Aiwyâstô


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

No matter how hard we try to release ourselves from the protective veil, there will still be something left, a fleshly cloak to keep us from complete nakedness. Dressed up in illusion, life goes on and on, and we do not know who we really are or if we are at all.

The mystical instance when we allow music to seep into the mind is the brief instant that makes room for the absence of the self, enlightening this empty space with a sort of illegitimate bewilderment. This is the moment when one realizes how wrong they can be, even in respect of his most common and certain opinions; a fair and sharp glimpse into another reality no longer centered around the ego.

During the sublime musical discourse of Aiwyâstô, Neznamo conveys states of being related to such a delicious rapture from the prison of the self. The narration flows unhinged throughout, slowly washing away thoughts and trivialities that had been collected during daytime. Neznamo invites the listener to take a seat within himself, and accept to suffer in a strangely soothing, masochistic delight, a most natural pleasure in abandonment.

In terms of sound, every drone and ambient layer flows tenderly, melting along beauty and morbidity alike, dissolving ideas and concepts into shapeless specters. Minimal ambient lines move imperceptibly at the fringe of commotion, and as they reach each other, refusing to collide or collapse, these structures are lead through holes out of which, slightly modified, they are discharged upon dark fluid mineral deserts.

Somewhere in the middle of this one piece, Aiwyâstô, the frequencies come to a dormant point of telluric evanescence. A vision of nothingness encircles and feeds upon a dead point out of which the play of illusion regains stability and movement. A constant vibration keeps the soul and the listener’s individuality still perceptible, but with every drop of sound it becomes less credible.

The musical ambiance staggers unwillingly towards assuming form, and so the amorphous structure continues to trick the mind’s instinct for three-dimensionality. As we do not have a real measure of time, but only of the sensation of time, this musical paragraph named Aiwyâstô seems to capture a dimension where time can be measured in terms of eternity.

This brilliant ambient project can be discovered due to this release made possible by Muzyka Voln records. Neznamo is based in Moscow and Aiwyâstô is the artist’s first full-length under this moniker, a 42-minute long CD coming in a 6-panel black-shadowy digisleeve.

Neznamo ‎– Aiwyâstô
Muzyka Voln, MV-IX
CD/Digital 2015

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