Melodie Des Vergessens ‎– Lackluster


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Behind this project we discover a little known Russian musician who uses the accordion as a sound source. The peculiar instrument’s music is post-processed from live recordings in a manner that completely changes the original melody. Such is the title track opening the record, “Lackluster”: eschewing the circus hurdy-gurdy cadence, it stands aloof from the apparent frivolity of the virgin sound of accordion, managing to conjure up a sense of commotional dreaming which multiplies the states of despondency experienced on daytime.
It appears that the accordion’s musical lines are being stretched and delayed to suggest a proliferation of circles, islands or “Insulations” (on track 2), where the persona undergoes a regression to the elemental of water.

Igor Tumanny – the interpreter’s real name – seems to stand particularly on the edge of dissolution, treating the sound as if he fears it could disappear by some misplaced touch of his keyboard device. The faint-like pulses we hear on “Descendre” and, even more, those paradoxically harrowing an almost palpable melody from “Names will be dispelled with the irony of wind”, absorb the listener into the dirgeful mélopée of a funeral without a dead to be mourned.

Most of the time, his music fails to call an obvious image or just an impression; its abstract character renders it susceptible only to objectless staring together with the void of the self.
“Echoes of fading was frozen like glass” minimizes the effort of interpretation to the point of a formless thought: it is a song that petrifies by the simplest and meaningless musical gesture, as if one sees and hears his own shadow in a sunless day, following, approaching and taking his place in this world.

The label from Volgograd, that released the album, Eternal Return Records, offers other such uncommon experimental ambient (Niflheimr, Vitaly Lalia) or industrial-edged projects, worthy to be appreciated by those inveterate listeners. Anyone can spend a challenging time on their Bandcamp page.

On the other hand, Melodie des Vergessens has released other albums which will surely be worth listening after the experience of “Lackluster”.

Melodie Des Vergessens ‎– Lackluster
Eternal Return Records, ERR-04
CDr/Digital 2015


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