Lyke Wake ‎– The Long Last Dream


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

On the winding of an acoustic ambient melody, the title track flows with distinction; sad pensive reflections without discursive thoughts. This slowly self-written dirge for an ever-postponed funeral goes on the same notes, suddenly engulfed at intervals by means of a fluttering, delayed electrical frequency, that sweeps all over the droning abscess, in a manner close to a third degree encounter between a human and a digital dream. This dream ends as it began, mourning its own demise and calling upon the sentence written inside the CD by the musician himself: “Il disagio di chi si trova in un mondo non suo sapendo che il proprio non esiste.” (The discomfort of he who finds himself in a world not his own, knowing that his own doesn’t exist.) This discomfort intimately pervades the second flowing of the song, a funeral-doom rhythm keeping at the surface minimal moribund ambient soundscapes.

Lyke Wake conceived this isolationist project back in 1981, but stopped it after several albums (through Aseptic Noise records) in the 90s. The project was resurrected in 2010 and Final Muzik released this old tape, named “The Long Last Dream”, on CD.

The second side of the tape contained “Non apparent Silent Activities” (here the second track), played and composed again on a few notes and laconic accords, imbued nonetheless with a mysterious mind-altering vibe built on wobbling, lacerating sounds. Somewhere on the track the melody captures the vibrations of a metal sheet shaken against the air, inspiring a symmetrical movement of our own image captured on a wall of mirrors, until it dissipates, leaving the body prisoner to its own corporeality. These disturbing waves are arranged in such a scarce and parsimonious way as to effortlessly favor a temporary neuronal schism, leading to a surrealist, abstract state of mind.

The third track, “Terminal”, is a bonus track which appeared on a split-tape with Negative Person. An oneiric horror ambient piece, constructed by the gathering of mutating voices and cavernous frequencies. It is from this paradoxically ferocious treatment of minimal, apparently innocent sounds, that the tracks of Lyke Wake take their pervasive and hypnotic strength. The artist can achieve the maximum of musical atmosphere form a penuria of sound material.

By releasing this ancient tape, Final Muzik allows the re-acquaintance with an undeniably legendary noise manipulator. His long dream is therefore our present awakening. For some, hopefully the last.

Lyke Wake ‎– The Long Last Dream
FinalMuzik, FME5
CD 2013

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