Niedowierzanie – Paradies


[Reviewed by stark]

I remember Niedowierzanie from their releases for Reue Um Reue. Though I thought that this project wasn’t active anymore, since after “Attendre” there were few other recordings, today the musician presents his new music through the Polish publishing house Zoharum.

Niedowierzanie has always followed rarely frequented paths. A strange, Polish name that I bet even the musician himself is unable to pronounce correctly (it means something like “disbelief”). An unusual use of live instruments, such as cello and accordion, as well as field recordings later processed electronically, cut and folded like a puzzle in a surreal, but ultimately having a deep sense material.

It’s no different in the case of “Paradies”, an album that consists of six tracks that draw from both ambient experimental music as well as folk or sometimes even chamber music. It would seem like a breakneck concoction, but despite the sound being so courageous in its experimentalism, the music is rather accessible; which does not mean it’s pleasant or easy to listen. Don’t be fooled by the idyllic image on the cover, nor the title of the album. Emotionally on some level, “Paradies” harmonizes with “Die Schlangenk√∂nigin” by His Divine Grace, because its aura spreads Arcadia before my eyes, a quiet land where time stood still, which doesn’t know evil nor violence, but time is coming at it relentlessly, just like a war-civilization machine. Obviously Moonchild Erik used different, far more ascetic forms of expression, not to mention the fact that he focused almost exclusively on electronics. Minimum measures gave the maximum effect. Niedowierzanie’s sound is more complex, more organic and for me personally this is the ideal complementation of His Divine Grace CD, even though at first glance it seems that these are quite different different aural worlds. But the universe that they depict is the same, I think.

Warm, not clearly defined, but close to the southern parts of Europe. Italy, Spain, Portugal… Corsica, this is a good clue. Perhaps a contemporary, experimental variety of Novy Svet would sound similar. However don’t let these comparisons deceive you. These are rather general signposts, gently suggesting where you should direct your ears. Niedowierzanie has its own identity, its own idea of music, which, although I mentioned the names of two other projects, is quite original. Summer is slowly coming to an end, probably a few hot days are still ahead of us during the coming month or two, at least here, in Poland. Then autumn again, sometimes made of gold, more often gray and dirty. “Paradies” is the perfect music for a breakthrough of these two seasons, when we know that it will soon be dark and gloomy and we already miss the moment when the cycle will begin again, and we will be able to enjoy the sun once more. If we persevere.

Zoharum, ZOHARUM 098-2
CD/Digital 2015

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