Rlyeh1 – The Grey Lights


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Some albums give you a jolt the minute you put them on; Michael Fakesch’s ‘Marion’, David Morley’s ‘Tilted’ or Richard Devine’s ‘Aleamapper’ have been a few over the years to do so. ‘The Grey Lights’ can join them without hesitation because from the first track on here Rlyeh1 had my complete and undivided attention. He’ll get yours as well.

Part musician, part technician. He knows the precise amounts of each element to introduce in his songs; no dead air here, no mindless repetition and when you think something is over he gives it another twist. Endings have no power over the guy who made this record, he does not care if it feels like the time to move on. He’ll linger in the ether of what he’s created and allow it to saturate his listeners minds. Much like the title he gave his debut, these eleven pieces don’t cut through the fog… they enhance it.

Are they lights or are they clouds? These slow rolling incarnations of longing and desire move across one’s body and won’t be satisfied until you know each and every little nuance to them. ‘The Grey Lights’ is one of the more intricately designed electronic outings I’ve come across and this is mainly due to Rlyeh1’s perfectionist manner of carving out his own sound from amidst the myriad of followers out there.

He innovates. He does not emulate or go along with what others are doing. This work is alien, it comes from another place and time in the continuum of human expression; quite simply put there are combinations he’s executing here which should not work. The spark of intuition is the engine of what I’m hearing and despite his being somewhat unknown I know that with time this is going to change.

Absolute, wanton desire is evident in each and every second of music I’m hearing.

When the lights have gone down low and the conversation is just above silence then the time is right to play this. ‘The Grey Lights’ is that pair of green, glittering eyes staring you down from across a hushed and smokey room; it invites you to come closer and surrender to its glistening promises… for a little while.

Rlyeh1The Grey Lights
Mindtrick Records, MTRDIG014
Digital 2015

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