2methyl – Layer 8


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

An album at last. Take the best elements of Future Prophecies, Sinthetix and Polar at their respective peaks and you’d come up with the vein 2methylbulbe1ol are continuing in. Pattern perfect sequences married to beat combinations of a viciously precise nature. It’s the equivalent to watching the pollution rise out of a factory but this is part of the process to create what will eventually roll off the assembly line.

I last checked in with him via the ‘Golem’ ep a few years back and the level of sophistication in 2methyl’s compositions has been upped dramatically. No empty spaces are to be found on this record in any of the tracks, there’s barely any room left to move let alone breathe. Tightly compressed claustrophobic slices of dark drum ‘n’ bass based malevolence; its the sound of the city collapsing in upon itself we’re hearing but don’t let that put you off. Step through the door and take it in.

This one is danger personified, his music is a toxic symbiosis of synthetics and organic intuition. Never one to give an inch, he’ll hold your mind hostage so easily that it won’t matter what else you have to do… you’re playing this again.

We have a record here which stalks it’s listeners with ravenous insight, never far from the kill. It picks out the weak and rips them apart, never letting up on the tension. Atmospherics also play a strong role here with the oppressive groundswell of technology given full reign to display everything in the arsenal. It is when the rhythms slow and that grey cloud of acidic melancholy descends that 2methyl really get down to business.

Others in the field could take a lesson or two from this fellow’s playbook when it comes to building dread. Check out the tune “Shelter” if you require further convincing. It effortlessly glides along like a bird of prey upon the thermals ceaselessly on the hunt for new meat; the hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end but I keep playing this one, I don’t care if it ever ends. Just give me more. More. More.

2methylLayer 8
Ad Noiseam, adn187
CD/Digital 2015

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