Infinite Moment of Composure – Turbulence


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Admittedly, I’m late to the party with this one. The discovery of these two has been an eye-opener as yet again this one is straight out of left field. The pair who are this act have gone somewhat silent as this is the only album they have done but if it’s to just be a one-shot then it is one hell of an entry. They’ve succeeded quite handily at giving creedence to the name of this record; I am literally in the midst of a turbulent firestorm wrought out of sound. If you’ve ever been on a long, overnight flight then this group are going to sound quite familiar; a divine cacophony which leaves the listener completely disoriented.

Weather systems collide, walls of elemental chaos crash and burn without end and across your synapses peals of thunder ominously roll punctuated by flashes of lightning coming straight at you. Or to put it another way, the staccatos of rhythm have a labyrinthine complexity to them and when they fade there are atmospheres intent on garroting your subconscious. Warm, inviting and friendly this jaunt definitely is not.

Listen up enough and you can get a sense of the incredible amount of precision at work here by the time you get to the second track. There are a total of seven originals and three remixes making up their album but it might as well be ten as the mixes are top of the line; some familiar names are among those who twirl the knobs, a Mr. C-Drik being one. He’s a guy who went along on some of John Sellekaers more demanding musical journeys, Logatomistes and Moonsanto. There is also a strong connection to the Torsion album ‘Dark Tattoo Satellite’ and the terribly missed Xingu Hill; not in the way it sounds but in how it feels. Isolating almost to the point of paralysis, those lower regions in your grey matter start to murmur…

What is to be taken in on ‘Turbulence’ are the details of minds fostering a parallel plane of existence where the pursuits of the world don’t count for much and the air you breathe somehow has become liquid. Physical space is expertly manipulated by our duo and you can start to feel as they did when they composed what is playing: fixated to the point of obsession. This is that moment where all the elements come together and what was previously just yours now escapes into the expanse of the unknown; I don’t doubt that they wrung their hands in exasperation at the prospect of letting this go, the more I listen the further into their expanding universe I am drawn.

It is a grey, ever-shifting realm they take us to. A place of silence, solace and sacrifice; their impressive efforts are not for the masses, the layers of subtle details doubtlessly are meant to frustrate any casual set of ears who skip around tracks to find those all important hooks. There are none here, I repeat none. Even when there are vocals, they whisper like mist dissolving under the sun. Rather than glazing everything with sugary production tricks, Infinite Moment of Composure masterfully display the glistening inner workings of what they do. They remain deliberately obscured and offer no explanations, only results… astonishing results.

Infinite Moment of Composure – Turbulence
Syrphe, S015
CD/Digital 2012

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