MultiColor – From the Outside


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

I’ve been noticing something as of late in this style of music: the further East one goes, the better it gets. Egypt, Iran and Russia have slowly been revealing artists who are making startlingly astonishing records which hopefully will spur further investigation into these regions by the listening public. I know it isn’t likely but I’ll keep trying to make the case that something remarkable is going on, right under our very noses. With exotic whiffs of electronic design such as ‘From the Outside’ getting out of the bottle it’s hard not to drop what you’re doing and absorb every note you can get into your ears like a well cellared wine.

Anton, I like what you’ve brought to the game and let me tell you why: you’re not shy about putting those melodies where they don’t belong and by doing so you open up entirely new perspectives of expression; things no longer move in a predictable or sequential order. Another element to your work which got to me is the refusal to stay bound to just one set of sounds, indeed, your library must be a vast one because I’m encountering all kinds of entrancing progressions and segues which don’t conform to the norms. You allow things to trail off in your pieces, until nothing but beautiful cascades of synthesis remain.

Your album was composed and created with the thinking man in mind.

No bombast is to be found here, only the swirling currents of memory and reflective solace pull us back to the ground. It becomes easy to fly when you hear what he’s done, the eyes close and those neurons start to fire in patterns of increasing randomness and complexity. This is a trait that is getting harder and harder to find in the realm of IDM (a term long since past it’s pull date) and I think that’s due to how many bedroom lotharios just fire up their software and put little thought into the results. Let the machine sort it out, you can always go back and make your edits later… this is why so many things are running together these days. MultiColor make that effort to infuse some humanity into what is created, and the results are spectacular.

These eight have something you would not expect to find in the harsh and sterile digital wasteland of the 21st century: personality. They feel as though they’ve been handmade and that what you’re hearing is the product of much trial and error. Some of these mistakes have obviously been removed but it sounds like he’s integrated some of what others would dismss as flaws into the final product; again and again he blindsides the listener with the unpredictable which only makes it harder to put ‘From the Outside’ down.

Much as practical effects will always trump CGI (another odious term deserving mothballs), so the drive to express one’s thoughts and give creedence to the irrationality of emotion will forever distinguish those who are artists in the field of experimental expression from those just trying to tag along for the ride and reap the rewards. I don’t have any doubts that this guy is going to develop magnificently. If this is the first album he’s done and he has already managed to stand out from the pack easily, just imagine what will occur when he’s gotten a few more releases under his belt.

I’m eagerly anticpating them.

MultiColorFrom the Outside
Tympanik Audio, TA089
Digital/CD 2015


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