Sieben – Lietuva


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

There comes a point where what has worked for years requires an overhaul, such is the case with this new EP by Sieben. Something definitely shifted the field, my guess would be the Rasp album from last year while others will have their own hunches. Regardless of who has it right or not, Sieben do not sound like themselves anymore, the very essence of this project has been transformed into something quite different. Even his playing has undergone some strange evolution on ‘Lietuva’ and I am really enjoying the results of these experiments. So what’s changed, you ask?

Besides just being longer in length the first two pieces we encounter are more shamanic than what he’s done under the Sieben name previously. They bear a closer resemblance to his insidiously indispensible solo work (of which there hasn’t been any for many many years…) than the regal and at times ornately depicted scenes of love and loss. These are for when the moon is full and the trees are whispering invocations which we so oftimes dismiss as being only the wind. You can play them around others or you can go it alone; I’d suggest the latter because nothing kills artistic intent quicker than the nagging, nattering chatter of people who just can’t shut their mouths and open their minds.

Just close your eyes and let what Sieben have composed wash over you, the only truths which will be revealed are those within your skull. Do not look for external revelations or clever explanations of the world; this EP is made for astral navigation, that most delicate of abilities. To know where one reality has ended and the next permutation of it begins. Which one shall be yours? Rise with the Black Moon again and perhaps you’ll unlock the answer or you may only drift along while the gorgeous tides of notation and alluring melody intersect across a thousand neurons.

The ritual may be arcane and the methods employed occult but for me, the results speak for themselves. A glistening and bejeweled entreaty to cast out your inhibitions and hurl yourself into the mystery, never looking back.

Redroom, Redroom 014
Digital 2015

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