Seetyca ‎– Nemeton


[Reviewed by stark]

How fertile this Seetyca project is; another release or announcement is emerging from everywhere, and I don’t even need to be particularly alert to come across the music of this German project. The quantity fortunately goes hand in hand with quality, because even though Seetyca is quite far from being excellent, over the years I have come to permanently associate this moniker with a solid craftsmanship.

It is no different in the case of “Nemeton,” released by the young Dutch label Winter Light. Although the album was published this year, the music was composed in 2012. The material has waited some time, as if the artist finally came to the conclusion that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and voilà. Six long tracks, most of them entitled in German, so I don’t understand what they mean, but it doesn’t bother me in my perception of the dark drones that fill this CD to the brim.

Blurry, windy drones and a dreary melody seeking the way to lean outside the tight sound curtain are the building forms of “Cataract”, which quickly pulls the listener into a gray, misty world. Late autumn, the moment when night turns into dawn. When as soon as you leave the house a specific feeling overwhelms you, the one when you are not sure whether humanity has evaporated while you were sleeping, and you’re the only man left on earth. The title composition not only maintains the mood, but enhances it by focusing on trance drones. Very addictive, though after about ten minutes changing character a little bit.

“Die Wogen Der Unbill” has a lovely maritime climate. The same time of year and day, but instead of in a city you are at sea and everything changes. That’s where grim becomes magical. There’s this looped melody like cut out from some classical music composition, which made me think about what Rapoon presented on “Time Frost”. Seetyca likes these marine atmospheres, because “Wenn Alles Ist Aus” sounds like recorded in some undersea depths. “Als Licht Geh Ich Dich Hin Vor” is the longest part of the disc: there’s something reminiscent of a very lazy rhythm, sounding like a heart beating more and more faintly. Altogether with the quite depressing sound textures , it makes a good impression.

Despite the title, the last song, “Die Feuer Von Samhain”, sounds very cold and even this evocative melody which appears later wouldn’t change that fact. And so ends “Nemeton”, an album carried out consistently throughout its duration. Different shades of the same color rule the emotions that inspire this album. Ambient should be like that, the compositions should be different enough to not bore the listener, nor be accused of taking the easy way, and recording on the hoof. But at the same time it should be consistent enough not to disturb the listener’s inner journey. “Nemeton” guarantees that. A reliable work.

Seetyca ‎– Nemeton
Winter-Light, WIN 003
CD 2015


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