Nastrom ‎– Cornerghosts


[Reviewed by Damiano Lanzi]

This new record from Nastrom maintains the same five-track EP form as the eponymous EP that I have reviewed in these pages some time ago. What I liked in the previous recording was the ability to channel the use of DIY techniques into an original production, and the killer vintage bass sounds. These elements have been maintained in “Cornerghosts” too, with some more guitars, but with an evolution in terms of heaviness. Directly compared to its predecessor, the mastering of “Cornerghosts” appears much more powerful and enveloping, a record that plays loud. There’s a different choice of sounds, first of all the drums, that are much more substantial than the dry machines heard before. As I already said, more guitars are used and this allows the bass to be played in a lower range. This doesn’t change the “hierarchy” of Nastrom’s sound in any way, as the bass is always in front of the mix with a devastating sound. Just as you play the first track (after which is named the album) you get swept away by a huge riff with creamy overdrive, and the loud clangor of the down-tuned strings. “Ruins and Ruins” has a weird reverse effect in the repetitions of the delay in the bass chords track, while “Valley of Decisions” features some disturbing, sustained fuzz notes appearing now and then. “Escape to Periphery” starts with a delayed bass riff that suggests some anxiety, the sense of a need to escape. The intensity grows with the addition of drums, guitar and the deeply processed vocals, and then the distortion level rises in the doom-metal coda. The last track is a remix by Vrhovny of “Deliblato Sandstorm” from the previous album, that transforms the original track completely, making it more airy and abstract. The original CD includes lyrics, two photographic cards and the bonus video for the title track.

Nastrom ‎– Cornerghosts
PMK Records, PMK029; Black Syrup Recordings, BSR
CDr/Digital 2015

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