iNsCissorS ‎– The Circus Of Ichneumons


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

“The Circus of Ichneumons” is a four act musical piece directed by Vincent Andelmoth. It is a programmatic record, in the sense that it follows a consistent story, an allegory of the human life cycle based on the transformation process of the ichneumons (parasitic wasps).

One may be easily fooled at the hearing of the usual neoclassical dark-ambient composed simply on keys and with added effects or instruments. The tracks, although down-to-earth, even naïve, are always entangling and win you over with a savory taste, pretty much close to that of a sparkling wine.

Lord Wind (the ambiental project of Graveland) and Le’Rue Delashay followed a similar musical road. iNsCissorS attempts to find a musical line to fit his operatic thinking, the first act playing on sweet melodies that can raise the interest of any dreamy-hippy persona. Act II invites us to a theatrical music (reminds Daemonia Nymphe), capturing very potently the dramatic effect and engaging the spectator into a puppet show full of hilarious and staggering movements. It has those charismatic elements that make the strangeness beautiful.

Each act is followed by a two-track interlude, a resuming and an introduction to the next exhibition of sounds. iNsCissorS is from Athens and has already released three albums. On “The Circus of Ichneumons”, the composer is assisted by Jason Andelmoth and Aimaproject on vocals, and they have quite a few collaborators in plus.

Being active for many years in the dark/ neoclassical field, the project gained experience in their musical writing. The acts dividing this album have each of them a certain musical feature, differentiating one from the other. The revengeful ceremonial music of Act IV, close to Rosa Crux, wonderfully renders the image of destiny and its impending grasp upon the soul.

The album artwork is made by John Santerineross, an American dark-erotic photographer, a “neo-symbolist” who has also worked on the project’s previous albums, and is a renowned graphic artist. It is another plus for this record, which has been released in only 300 copies by Zoharum and Beast of Prey. So that once arrived at the final act, you are already conquered by it.

iNsCissorS ‎– The Circus Of Ichneumons
Beast Of Prey, BOP 79; Zoharum, ZOHAR 071-2
CD/Digital 2014

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