Theia Nosos – Come and See


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Makabre Sinister Kabaret, the label having that released this CDr, describes the music as “kakodaemonic and melodic noise”. Theia Nosos come from Belgium and began their musical journey in 2008, this being their first full release.

They construct an eerie musical landscape made out of definite textures that they treat and reshape by means of mixing and digital processing. Classical samples like the fragment from the first piece here (I believe taken from Sibelius) are being processed through pedals and mixers, trying at the same time to keep the original melodic line. The kind of discomfort achieved is still slightly appealing to the ear, because the hissing noise juxtaposed to the classical composition unveils a sort of special dichotomy between beauty and spoliation so akin to the modern spirit.

Theia Nosos refuses the static worship of harsh noise walls, and habitually adorns the rumblings with diverse samples and voices. Thus the next track, intended to get the noise out in the light by the sensibility of a violin concerto (Haydn?) raising impromptu at the end.Track III brings in raw matter destruction of glass and sheet and other squeals or vomiting voices gathered from unrecognizable movies. An unrelenting chaos seeming ready to be unleashed if the black mass of noise were to collapse. But until that happens, the listener’s patience is more likely to collapse…On track IV madness is once again let loose on several fascist loving speeches and marches mingled with jazz, Wagner, Mozart and the usual brutal harsh noise. Fortunately the last track V sets classical music aside, and reaps off a pipe upon noise deflagrations. Like a shepherd singing madly, hammered at the sight of a rural alcoholic storm.

Being a good experiment, this is surely worthy of helping the project find its way towards a personal and valuable sound, or anything else they may be looking for.

Theia NososCome and See
Makabre Sinister Kabaret, MSK-001
CDr 2009

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