Mytrip ‎– Empty


[Reviewed by stark]

The titles of the two tracks contained on this short seven-inch vinyl are specifically romantic. Though the music doesn’t remind the calling of lost lovers. It’s more like an attempt at communication between two entities at different levels of existence. Life and death, heaven and hell, you name it.

It seems it’s the first vinyl by the Bulgarian Mytrip, that until now rather preferred cassette tape releases. Angel recently visited our blog, on the occasion of the Mytrip split with EUS from Costa Rica(BLWBCK Records). According to the promotional text, this time the sound is not maintained in a lo-fi key, or at least this form of it is present to a lower degree. I guess this isn’t far from the truth, there’s a lot of space here and the whole thing turns out to be a complete and satisfying work, despite its short duration.

“Wait For Me”. The beginning is pleasantly moist, sounding as if recorded in a cave inhabited by animals that rarely see the light of day. Then the drone layers become a bit more dense, but also gain more space. The rough textures filling the composition’s structure tightly, take brighter colors and some organic flavor in the middle of the track. Somewhere a little bit of this romance permeates, or rather a melancholy, a philosophical reverie characterizing for example, such science fiction movies as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Stalker. This track is unfolding very beautifully. Per aspera ad astra.

The B side contains “Wherever You Are”, which – judging by how its title fits the previous track – is a straight line continuation, or rather a completion of “Wait For Me”. Once again it starts with low and gloomy sequences, including some dirt and subtle (but still ) industrial elements creeping into the sound. It’s more anxious and edgy, but also in the distal part turning towards a more romantic, in a strange way even cheerful direction, though there’s still cosmic wind drifting over the track. I must admit that when I’m dealing with such short releases, I almost always feel unsatisfied. Angel has achieved something quite unusual: he’s managed to fit a full, complete musical narration in less than thirteen minutes. Or journey, if you will. It’s rare effort.

At the moment Mytrip is on tour with Conjecture from Greece. It includes several European countries, and the details can be found on the artist’s Facebook profile. Well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity, especially if Mytrip is going to present music from “Empty”. High-end experimental dark ambient.

Mytrip ‎– Empty
Amek, amek004
7″ 2015

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