Lust For Youth ‎– Saluting Rome


[Reviewed by Damiano Lanzi]

It occurs to listen to bands who slavishly recreate the sound of a period or a musical current. The ‘80s and synthpop are surely between the most abused combinations in this sense, and often these bands are not a stimulating listen, most of all when they claim to create something new using ingredients that were new some thirty years ago.

Luckily this is not the case of Lust For Youth. Hannes Norrvide, aided here by Loke Rahbek, recreates the post industrial/synthpop sound in such an accurate way that the output sounds as authentic as if it was actually recorded in that period and in that context. It’s a completely different approach from the numerous indie bands that insert a bass synth line made on Logic into their song to make it feel alternative; in Lust For Youth there is a surprisingly deep study of analog synthesis and a mastering made specifically to sound well on vinyl. Every aspect is faithfully recreated, from the vintage synthesizers to the metronomic drum machines, from the distant and glacial voice, at some points reminiscent of the Cure’s Robert Smith, to the spatiality and ambience of the sound, and finally to the music itself that we find in this EP.

The five songs are quite simple in composition: a square-wave bassline or an arpeggiator, a straight drum pattern, an ice cold synth theme and an easy melody, but in the end it all works perfectly. The second track of the B-Side “Ecstacy” is probably the most representative, and the one I personally like the most, because it has a little bit more complexity, with more synth lines entwined together and a beautiful theme. The beautiful thunder effect made with the noise oscillator in the second track of the A-Side “Virgins Hold Hands” is also noticeable.

Lust For Youth ‎– Saluting Rome
Avant!, AV!023; Posh Isolation, Posh Isolation 086
LP/Cassette 2012


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