Eleanora ‎– Eleanora


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The town of Ghent has lately seen the rising of metal projects connected genre-wise to the Church of Ra assembly. The display of a highly emotional form of sludge metal proves to be particular to a unique paradigm of Belgian sensuality.

As for Eleanora, the standards are quite the same with a stress on hardcore visceral virulence. This EP introduces the listener to their music by two songs released through the Belgian label Consouling Sounds. The musical line on “Mammon” suffers from the typicality of drumming, rhythm-based sludge metal, but the almost industrial intensity of its pounding, accessorized madness pictures on the whole an ardent song at equal distance between Godflesh and Obituary (this if one wants to avoid immediate analogies with newer composers in this genre, like Year Of No Light or Isis).

The five guys behind Eleanora have a gift for nostalgic riffs, which is rather scarce within this scene. The second track, “Amenable”, plays on such a beautiful accord which is further covered by the earthy roughness of a death-doom soulless deploy, like in an attempt to cover the pearls of their sensibility out of the reach of a pig-faced world. The level of pressure is again at its highest, reminiscent of Lord Mantis without the black metal hue.

With these two different songwriting styles, Eleanora becomes a project which one must keep record of. Its stylish, condescending approach to modern sludge doom and the fair, vibrant sincerity pervading their music are only some of the band’s virtues. The rest is to come. Maybe.

Eleanora ‎– Eleanora
Consouling Sounds, CON019
miniCD 2014

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