Church Of Ra ‎– Church Of Ra


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This a very special record released as a gift set to mark the reunion of the bands that compose the Church of Ra, namely Amenra, The Black Heart Rebellion, Oath Breaker, Syndrome, Hessian and Treha Sektori. All these acts were gathered for a show held in Ghent, Belgium, at the Vooruit venue.

Even more special is how this album came into light: each band contributed with one track, and each of these tracks suffered afterwards the treatment of Treha Sektori, consisting of a severe and sharp dissection meant to reveal and isolate single instruments, notes or distant sounds that would finally be reborn into a “new language”.

This was released by Consouling Sounds within their Bound By Blood split series. Two songs make up the present split, lasting about half an hour. The French artist behind Treha Sektori (that amazed the scene with a few unique dark ambient releases) transports the listener through intensely emotional landscapes of different colors and moods. For those familiar with the work of the aforementioned Belgian acts, the music will come as a transfixed progression of the musical line adopted by the bands, as Treha Sektori punctuates original elements and at the same time endows these motifs with new meanings.

The first part of the record keeps the rhythm still and rhymes with the volatilities of Amenra or The Black Heart Rebellion; while the second piece digs into obscure sound formations akin to the more ambient side of Church of Ra. Treha Sektori crafts an original sound with the subtlety of a jewel-maker, rendering fluidity to the reverbs of diatonic tremolos and respacing the musical speech to the level of dissipation.

The format of the disc allows only a taste of the music, and makes you want to go deeper into its viscera. This idea needs to be pushed further to a greater synthesis that could grab and immortalize the cloaked core of these veracious musical acts.

Church Of Ra ‎– Church Of Ra
Consouling Sounds, SOUL0037
miniCD 2014

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