Alt3r3d Stat3 ‎– Dubbed In Black


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

The label run by Simon Heath from Atrium Carceri, promotes more and more projects from the (perhaps final) digital dark ambient wave, namely sound manipulators that take advantage of sound generators or music-making computer software.

Terry Holifield, who works under the name Alt3r3d Stat3, in the booklet of the record expresses his thanks for the creators of the Ableton software or some midi controllers. This could only give us an image of what to expect within the record, and the opening piece “Room 333” confirms the expectation for a minimal noise flow of frequencies.

On a simple basis, one could say that a dark ambient record is worthy of praise, if it succeeds on generating images and visions when being listened to. Other pieces composed in this genre work in a satisfactory way if accompanied by visuals. Such is the case for Alt3r3d Stat3: “Dubbed In Black” is a proper hologram for intellectual sci-fi films and even manages to create some post-dissatisfaction vibe after the first pieces.

Terry Holifield tries different approaches so that “Dubbed In Black” may catch the listener’s attention, at least when one considers the music’s versatility. “Born” is played on rhythmic beats, while “R.A.I.N.” on scarce, minimal noises. Field recordings are the other omnipresent element, besides digital sounds, and it seems that a microphone has been carried even through places inaccurate for music purposes, judging by “Wash”… Likewise for “Ending” or “Prayer”, where the level of supportability in terms of a product presented as an artistic act are almost attained.

“Practice” is the piece that finalizes the record and stands as an urge for the creator of the project to exercise his sound-processing skills more diligently before undubbing such altered musical states.

Alt3r3d Stat3 ‎– Dubbed In Black
Cryo Chamber
Digital 2014

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