Osmiroid – KOG


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Now this is a curious release to parse through, Osmiroid have delivered what I suspect is their take on a bug-out bag. Something to be used for survival, replete with items designed to make the initial stages of panic and flight go a bit smoother. It’s all here, you know, a cassette full of studio recordings along with an entire cd-r of manipulated improvisational moments which the band describe as being provided by a “fluctuating line up”. The range is remarkable with entire subsections of musical discord being up rooted and thrown into the harsh, glaring lights of public perusal. I’ve come to expect this bunch to chart a bizarre course through their tracks and while the tape may be running smoothly, there are stunning moments where every belief in three dimensional space is thrown out the window… or was that through the windowpane.

You also receive a lovingly reproduced representation of one eighth a sheet of blotter acid, get the message yet? Alongside this comes an insanely demanding poster to spend hours staring at (it moves it really does) and a stock card which goes into detail about the jaunt out, stating: “The thing is… we’re all just KOGs in a very large machine”. Oh there are many things I could tell you about what’s being done on this release (their first for 2015 but fear not intrepid auditory explorers, more is on the way) but I’m suggesting that you go to their site and take a listen for yourself. The infernal drones which Osmiroid love playing about within definitely appear here; the cd-r is a mind muncher, just be warned ahead of time. It very well could be the most demanding material this collective of obscure sorcerers has done yet, we fans know that it probably isn’t.

There’s a comfort all the same in saying it, though.

Details and more strangely composed accents flood all over the cassette, it is impossible to not be tantalized by where they’re going with these. They almost sound like a kind of hymn being sung, although not performed in any church I’ve ever been in. The litanies of experimentalism? Or are they simply too restless to linger on any one style or approach for too long. ‘KOG’ is very in motion throughout it’s run, never erring in giving my ears precisely what they hope to hear. Even the improvisational nature of it requires one to look deeper, to dig. Dig deep, beneath the architecture of solvent thought and past the crude symbols denoting reality… you’ll find an immense field of ever-expanding para-dimensional flux mutating and molding itself within your skull.

Allow what has been done to here to pull you off course for a bit, there’s no set path to follow; Osmiroid are tenacious in what they write, almost obsessive about the particulars becoming particles. They’ve carved out their own personal rosetta stone for us and now we must patiently absorb all the variables, variants and vectors they’ve summoned. Take my word for it, I’ve been through ‘KOG’ numerous times and it wasn’t until the fifth or sixth session that anything resembling a pattern began to emerge; no one bit of this on it’s own would be feasible but when combined together a living, breathing tableau of muck, brine and subversive intent reign supreme. Without question the people of Stars, Dots and the “New” Junk continue exploring realms of imagination no one else has the nerve to even dream.

Osmiroid – KOG
Stars, Dots And The “New” Junk, starsdots019
MC/CDR/Digital 2015



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