EUS, Postdrome, Saåad – Different Streams


[Reviewed by stark]

Ok, so we have in our hands a first really powerful album in the year of our Lord 2015. Three projects: EUS (Costa Rica), Postdrome (England) and Saåad (France) constitute “Different Streams” together. This is not a split release, all the tracks are the result of collective work. The CD is released by Soft Recordings from France, while the cassette version is out thanks to Grains Of Sand from Russia. Six tracks plus three compositions constituting the bonus.

I must admit that “Different Streams” made a big impression on me, although it struck me full-force after a certain point. The first three songs are a kind of warm-up, because the real deal begins with the fourth, “The Only Path” while “Snowfall” … Let’s start from the beginning though. “Dervish Dealer” begins with a guitar part, where at a push one can notice some Middle Eastern themes. Moments later the drones join in and the whole gives the impression of the grand opening of some epic story. Its unique, and a bit dirty sound recalls, however, that it is still electronic underground and the musicians don’t care about the clinical purity and power akin to film orchestrations. “The Bitter Truth” is a little more subdued, but after a fairly calm beginning the tension increases with every second. The roughness of the sound is perhaps more prominent than in the “Dervish Dealer”, but it only comes out nicely for the music. The stars are burning out in “Wait”, probably the ‘darkest’ piece of the album. You feel it under your skin that something’s coming.

“The Only Path” is truly an aural bomb. Multi-layered, amazing drones that grab you by the throat and orders to follow the only one path, even if it leads to self-destruction. With this composition, the ambient trio abandons the nice, but safe areas of soundtrack-like illustration for a truly emotional kick in the face. The highest level of drone expression they maintain in “Snowfall”, which is a bit more restrained, but I think ultimately of an even more tragic shade. The guitar courageously creeps between synthetic-organic textures and the whole composition gradually gains power, like a blizzard sharply cutting the exposed face of the listener with harsh snow and ice, in such a way that after some point one ceases to feel cold and pain.

So as you see “Different Streams” climaxes quite early, because as described in the preceding paragraph, these are the absolutely most intense minutes of EUS, Postdrome and Saåad’s common work. “Section 16” is an organic breath, a nocturnal desert landscape and a city of colored lights flickering in the distance. The next three compositions, as mentioned, are a bonus to the basic part of the album. Soft start, growing tension, climax and calming down. Like most of the tracks here, “Deaf Implodes” is also constructed in this manner, at the same time revealing a grim, looped melody reminiscent of watching over a dying friend. “Fractus”, distinguished by a quite oppressive atmosphere, begins a rather abstract phase of the disc, characterized by heavily creeping drones, more intense dispensing of bass tones and generally a dark ambient aura.

Time for the finale. Short, dense and strangely serene. Any negative vibes fade into the shadows. Whatever happened, it’s in the past. It makes no sense to look back; and if it does, then it’s in the form of music such as the one on “Different Streams”. I admire it, again and again.

EUS, Postdrome, SaåadDifferent Streams
Soft Recordings, ST008 |Grains Of Sand, GOSTAPE010
CD/MC/Digital 2015


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