2014 Through My Eyes: Bartłomiej Kuźniak


How would you summarize this past year on an artistic and personal level?

I’m happy about my last recordings with Kasper T. Toeplitz nad Maciej Ożóg. I really enjoyed time in the studio and on stage. As usually in 333flow.com we put finished works online, in full length, no charge. You can listen here: http://sessions.333flow.com/recordings

A lot of other records and video works from 2014 are on my website: http://bartkuzniak.333flow.com/works

In general I feel the same amount of satisfaction about things that are finished, and appetite for the development of several projects waiting to be completed.

Last year I started to look for partners that will help me finalize the last phase of development of the High Definition Spherical Sound Recording & Reproduction System which is necessary for Audio-Visual Expeditions http://spaces.333flow.com/ After a weeks of meetings with the guys from University of Technology and one real estate developer I’m still searching, so maybe 2015 will be lucky for this promising project.

In parallel I started to transform my way of composing and playing instruments to be able to travel with less equipment. The result of this transition will appear soon (on my website) as a series of tracks that are a reflection of my needs & fascinations, which in 2014 were contemporary chamber music, dark techno and abstract sound-art.

Which album have you listened to most often this year (not necessarily released in 2014)?

In my daily playlist are usualy Mick Harris projects, mainly Scorn but also The Weakener and Matera, Plastikman “Ex”, “Closer” and “Consumed”, Techno Animal & Porter Ricks “Symbiotic’, Franz Treichler “Braindance”, Oddgrad “Hardcore Plastic Surgery”, Denseland “Like Likes Like”, JK Flesh “Posthuman”, Dalek, Shadow Huntaz & Kareem “Irreparable Damage”, Asa-Chang & Junray “Jun Ray Song Chang”, Death Grips, Pan sonic, Tim Hecker “Radio Amor”, Scott Walker, Hyenaz, Acreaturas, TUSK, GonjaSufi, Killawatt “Threads”, David Lynch “Big Dream”, King Midas Sound, Kidkanevil, The Sidewinder “Colonized”, Third Eye Foundation “Ghost”, Origami Galaktika, Drone Drug, Alessandro Bosetti, Tomasz Sikorski, Rytis Mazulis, Morton Feldman, Takemitsu Toru, Jukka Tiensuu, Aurel Stroe, some grind-noise, some breakcore and a lot of dark techno.

What was the best gig you’ve attended?

Centertek & a few other free techno parties impressed me the most, mainly by their spirit  against system attitude and their organization and distribution of information not oriented on social media. Those experiences made it hard for me to maintain the same level of misanthropy as before 😉

What was the best non-music related cultural experience you’ve had?

Reading trip reports 😉

Was there an event within this past year that has significantly influenced your philosophy and outlook on life, or your perception of the world around you? For instance some specific place you have visited, people you met and so on?

It was in December; in one week I had read a few things which were then summed up into one great feeling, a joy at the thought that my reception of the world and physics was based on false ground. So now one of the most challenging tasks for me is to maximize the distance between my common (and probably outdated or false) image of the World or the Universe (or destroy it completely) and try to find a new position facing the last scientific revelations. One can say there are JUST theories and he will be right, but I don’t feel in charge to decide which theory is absolutely right, I feel more like all contemporary conclusions are only speculations (still before real knowledge of what is happening, if anything is happening…) and if they are inspiring or at least give a chance for some brain gymnastics it’s fine.

Getting back to the point – the first impulse was the thought of Terrence McKenna “A lot of what our brain does is synthesize a hallucination, a model of the world we proceed to live in. This is the model of reality; the real reality is completely unknowable”.

The second thing was the conclusion of quantum physicists, saying that matter does not exist. It has quite strong implications if you try to really take in what that idea brings to you.

The third mind-blowing news came from research made with the use of the biggest toy on the planet – the Large Hadron Collider – Sub-atomic particles are ‘made’ entirely out of energy, so we are built only from energy, vibrating, resonating – as sound is.

Maybe it’s also something referring to the question of why music or sound has such a direct influence on us. It reminds me of an old Indian theory which compares the Universe to a space where zillions of little diamonds on strings are surrounded by mirrors and they reflect any input endlessly. A more modern version is the M-theory, where we have more dimensions than 3 or 4 (if time is added as a fourth dimension), for example 11. Unfortunately this theory got stuck because of lack of mathematical tools to calculate multi-dimensional topography, but it was a “serious candidate for a complete theory of the universe” as Hawking said.

A parallel topic to dig into in 2014 was for me ‘self-consciousness as a glitch’ and surrounding topics connected with Integrated Information Theory, developed by Giulio Tononi at the University of Wisconsin. I would like to use it to build a self-conscious modular synthesizer based on a gigantic computer network. Would be nice to listen what it will play.

What was your greatest disappointment in 2014?

Growing adoption of Bitcoin as ‘normal currency’, which means supporting speculation and other dirty stock exchange tricks, and also adding unwanted control of crypto-currency flow.

Your plans, hopes and expectations for 2015?

I would like to build a prototype of the Octaphonic Surface Microphone System based on the shape of the Archimedean Spiral, put it on the motorcycle (F800GS) and start a series of audio + video recording expeditions, with some solo or duo performances on the way.

Also would be good to materialize a few other concepts, like constructing multichannel infra+sub-bass floor driven by custom speakers and bass synth+fx written to work with a series of bass-oriented compositions, run a self-composing structure on a spherical sound system and make some of the sound sculptures for which I’m drawing and collecting sounds for years.

It’s possible that in 2015 I’ll start playing some solo sets combining pre-recorded stuff (location hunting recordings on sopranosaxophone which I’m constantly making) with live electronics, electric bass instruments tuned an octave below standard, prepared reeds, external processors and computer patches.

Maybe I’ll play on the side of some free techno parties with some duets, like post-breakcore-abstract with Dyz, dark-techno extended with Andreas Maan or computer-controlled acoustic-grind with Marcin Polak.

In January I’m spending 12 days in the studio finishing (or just completing the next steps) the work on solo & duo tracks. Next month a live premiere and a few performances in secret locations.

In March I hope we’ll start touring as a trio with Kasper Toeplitz and Maciej Ożóg.

Being ‘outside of everything’ has its advantages – you’re not forced to plan too much, you can change your location and your activity freely; so I don’t know too precisely where I will be and what I’ll do. I’m a type of active person, can’t sit in one place more than a few days, need to work, need to learn, need to discover… answering your question: I’m expecting the best 🙂

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