Community of Light – Night Vision


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Community of Light may have titled their debut ‘Night Vision’ but it may as well be called ‘Remembrance’ because over the span of the five tracks on here we are literally drowned by the litany of memory. They come at once, they appear in rapid succession and they don’t take no for an answer. Believe me, I tried to shut them out while listening but that just isn’t possible.

Utilizing drones, electronics, guitars, vocals and a lethal repertoire of exotic instruments, Community of Light make their case for what lies beyond that which our feeble, groping eyes can perceive. You will get a sense of falling, an exquisite melancholy is more than prevalent on here and the scope of detail is beyond full understanding. Perhaps that isn’t what they’re after anyway, they seem to be quite content to just take us along on this voyage without offering any explanation as to why we’re here.

One could make the argument that life itself operates in a similar manner but again, the memories of what that life has contained lie buried within the compositions contained. It’s a heady concoction to breathe in but your patience is more than a willing accomplice here; it is imperative that you not jump to any conclusions about ‘Night Vision’ until you’ve spent the proper amount of time soaking it up. This isn’t just any hackneyed assortment of experimentalist indulgence going on, these are living pieces which have somehow been conjured up and then coaxed onto a compact disc whereupon they’re forever trapped in a digital cage.

Much like those of us in the waking world no doubt feel at the end of the day. Somehow whatever we were lured with while here didn’t turn out to be what was promised and like the subtle adjustments our sight goes through when the light dims… it is no difficult feat to make out what is there, what has always been there and what will continue to endure just beyond the reach of normalcy. I’ve had my share of mistakes over time, god knows we all have events we’d be much happier to just bury at the bottom of the sea and forget about permanently; this record is a chronicle of those flaws, it is the silent ledger every single one of us carries on which the content of our character is written.

Tailor made creations which custom fit to the individual.

No one individual could have created this, there were three but something tells me that if this project goes beyond just this one release that their line-up is going to change remarkably each time they come together. Theirs is a pursuit we all undertake and why would anything about Community of Light ever be fixed except for the name. Those threads which draw us to one another can all too quickly become the throttling bonds which condemn us to our past and our fate with terrible consequences. Tread lightly and pray you don’t slip.

Community of LightNight Vision
Invisible Birds, ib007
CD/Digital 2014

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