Santa Sangre Playlist #3


There you go. The third edition of our playlist, where you will find Duran Duran next to Gnaw Their Tongues. So if you’re tired of Christmas carols, take this musical journey with us.

Tracks 1-5 chosen by stark
Tracks 6-9 chosen by Tomek Maciejewski
Tracks 10-13 chosen by Peter Marks
Tracks 14-16 chosen by Damiano Lanzi
Tracks 17-21 chosen by vitriol

Plus there’s a bonus below…

Also, our dearest vitriol compiled her own playlist which is, quote: “Especially made to freak out neighbours and kill all Christmas cheer. Starting off with just a hint of Hellectro and slowly getting into the real sick and heavy stuff. The more they scream, the happier you get. Play LOUD.”


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