2014 Through My Eyes: Peter Andersson [Raison d’être]


Raison d’être, formed in 1991 by the sound artist Peter Andersson, has since then supplying listeners with overwhelming dark ambient industrial landscapes of beauty and sorrow, mainly on the Cold meat industry label. Peter Andersson also has a number of side projects including Atomine Elektrine, Bocksholm, Necrophorus, Stratvm Terror, Panzar and more. [Official Facebook]

How would you summarize this past year on an artistic and personal level?

It’s been a very busy year, and a year of contrasts. The most important thing has been the work and release of my new album ‘Mise en Abyme’. Last studio album was released in 2009 so it’s been very anticipated with the completion of a new album, for my self and all my listeners. In fact I have worked on both the newest and the oldest raison d’ętre material this year. A rework of the first raison d’ętre material has just been released on 2CD titled ‘Tales From the Tabula Rasa’. It feels a bit nostalgic to dig into that old material, but it was an important time for me developing my skills and senses for creating music. This year I also had a chance to do a 3 week US-tour which was full of contrasts, from “normal” places to anything odd, strange,poor, rich, cold, hot and weird.
The year on a personal level, well, I wish I had more time for relaxation and reflections.

Which album have you listened to most often this year (not necessarily released in 2014)?

Without doubt my own album raison d’ętre – ‘Mise en Abyme’, maybe 30 times or so. But that’s only because I had to check the mixing and mastering, and really, it was before it was released.

What was the best gig you’ve attended?

A gig with Rectal Hygienics in Chicago. I performed myself on that festival so that’s why I was there. Everyone told me that this band was heavily influenced by the Swedish band Brainbombs, and oh yes they was indeed.

What was the best non-music related cultural experience you’ve had?

Not sure how cultural one can call this, but going to Miami Beach in Florida. I never beeen at such place. Escpecially going from Texas which is some kind of hell hole and total opposite to Miami Beach made it a great impact or a kind of shock even.

Was there an event within this past year that has significantly influenced your philosophy and outlook on life, or your perception of the world around you? For instance some specific place you visited, people you met and so on?

No, not really.

What was your greatest disappointment in 2014?

Not being able to go to Brainbombs concert in Stockholm. No tickets left and they almost never perform, so it sucks.

Your plans, hopes and expectations for 2015?

From now on I will almost only look forward. The past 2-3 years I have worked on re-releasing old albums with a lot of extra material. Now, that work is completed, so from now on is only future for me.

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