Hand Of Dust ‎– Walk In White


[Reviewed by Damiano Lanzi]

Much has been said and written about the “post–punk revival” scene, despite the fact that among the multitude of bands that have rediscovered the sounds of the 80s in the last fifteen years, few of them are really worth listening. Fortunately every now and then there is still a new band that catches my attention; that’s the case of Danish trio Hand of Dust. The formula of the two songs in their single “Walk in White / A Sight for the Living” is not complex, but there are some elements that most of the times are sufficient to make a good record: profound songwriting, a direct and essential, yet powerful sound and a hint of contamination from other genres.

About the songwriting, it’s worth noticing that the band formed to play songs originally written for an acoustic setup by the singer Bo Høyer Hansen. In fact both songs could sound just as good if played only with vocals and acoustic guitar. That’s what happens when you’re actually able to write songs: a good chord progression, a catchy melody, lyrics that mean something. You don’t need anything more. Regarding the sound, I must admit that I’m a fan of power trios, a setup where every musician must show all of their ability to make it all stand up properly. I like very much the dynamics of the drums, the full sound of the bass and the American vibe of the guitar with its twang timbre. The martial snares and gloomy atmosphere make clear that Hand of Dusk is inspired by neofolk and dark music, but they avoid all the clichés of these genres, delivering their own style. With these premises, I’d really enjoy a full album from these guys, that I wish will be released as soon as possible.

Hand Of Dust ‎– Walk In White
Avant!, AV!031
Vinyl EP 2014

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