Lingua Fungi ‎– Melankhton


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Inside a cave the fire that burns to warm the imagination of the flesh is amicably softened by the drops of water pouring from above. Newly born “Wavy Guests” are acquired on intricate ghostly rhythms that lure them to join the reverie of this watcher. Lingua Fungi transgresses the contingent territory of esoteric ambient to the rediscovery of a forlorn ethos of archetypal dimensions. On account of their allegiance to Aural Hypnox I was at first expecting hermeneutical spiritual cartographies, instead this project’s musical extortions uproot on a fertile, pantheistic, fuming ground.

Humanly speaking, it is a new member of Halo Manash, J.Padatsu, that embodies the rural energies that are here festering far beyond music. Behind him he already has two albums on War Office Propaganda and one released through Fort Evil Fruit, and has been a part of Aural Hypnox since 2013. This fresh “Departure” (as the second track is called) acquaints us with an ethno–spiritual musician carrying his influential aperture on folk lyrics, that he has dissolved through a personal alchemy into fascinating, transcendent ambient. A recurrent aspect particular to his musical scripts is the modular building of sequential, albeit heterogeneous, themes of anthropogenic value. Such is the case of “Departure” where the composer lines up several musical structures, from sleazy atmospheres to troubadour delicacy passing through minimal dark ambient.

Only acoustic instruments and sound sources mixed with processed field recordings have been used on the record. “Melankhton” reverbs like the echo of a distant immemorial avatar sibling on its soulmate, indifferent of time and space. The piece bearing the album’s name builds itself around the listener in elemental shapes, again and again, all of them blueprints of territories that the soul had once visited. And that it may know again with the aid of this mystic disembodiment that the drums and strings perform. The tone of melancholy, this reading of the black earth, is becoming a source of thrill and mere bliss when experienced in an organic symbiosis with the flowing soundscapes of Lingua Fungi.

Irrespective of other musical influences, J.Padatsu filtrates only with himself, as in the case of authentic beauty readers like him analogies only occur in the fatigued mind of the listener. Jääportit, Arcana, Kauan, Tenhi, and why not Arvo Pärt or the Icelander Jon Leifs, are all but fruits of the ego-loom that pervades us; and when we hear a song like this next one, “Detached”, responsive to its implied beauty we do not know what to connect it with. The space alludes to nostalgic confusion obscured by temporal salacity – calling for a simple gesture of dissipation, ongoing with the next track, “Soma Dissolution”. Perhaps you don’t have any soma at hand, so grab a glass of reddish wine and faint within to the allusion of eternity that the melody bears along. The wonder you have pondered about in moments of seclusion, on the verge of maddening, is close and tactile. It’s no longer you uttering, it is the fungi of Melankthon, and you will speak to none but you what I hear in tongues.

Lingua Fungi ‎– Melankhton
Aural Hypnox, [AH14]
CD 2014

Lingua Fungi – ‘Melankhton’ official album preview from Aural Hypnox on Vimeo.


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