Sorgnatt ‎– One Path To Follow


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Some years ago black metal went through a questionable period one may call the boom of depressive black metal; bands used to surface like mushrooms after a shower of rain produced from hearing (mostly on headphones) “Filosofem”, “Death – Pierce Me” or “Within Dark Chambers”. On this vinyl EP limited to 105 copies with a DVD inside, Sorgnatt repositions the rope and hangs from the same past. They stay aside this senseless passing of time and perform their black metal with the sole regret and anger of still being here.

“Ravens Will Feast (On The Flesh Of Mankind)” slowly picks on the alcohol-matured liver of a raw metaller’s convicted ears: the chords are bathing in mid-tempo, then flatter with voracious speed and end the plundering by dropping away your future corpse. The recording and the mastering keeps the live sound of the basement studio. “Nowhere To Turn” gives a personal touch to a more intensified Darkthrone-ian song, that has its video-clip rendered on the DVD.

The black and white covers are photos taken on an autumnal forest and a snowy, pre-mountainous landscape roamed upon aimlessly by the two members of this Romanian band. And so occurs the suggestive title “One Path To Follow” and the death-doom textured homonym song, that builds a poetical, forlorn ambiance around the spirit. Together with the two regular members of the band, Hadenskog and Gravstein who are doing the vocals, guitars, drums and bass, the disc sees the collaboration of the dark ambientist Abbildung. His ambiances confer a delicate lyrical effect, especially on the aforementioned (Anathema and Burzum reminiscent) song. He is the one closing the record with “Dark Aum”, an enigmatic musical ingression into the power of image (the DVD presents a correspondent video-clip) and sound.

Besides this vinyl EP (2013), Sorgnatt has already released a demo called “Stillness” and participated in the “Follow Solitude” compilation with their truthful visions driven by the sorrowful nights of Transylvania.

Sorgnatt ‎– One Path To Follow
Essentia Mundi, EM030; Ancient Beliefs, AB016
Vinyl EP, DVD-r 2013


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