Plant43 – Scars of Intransigence


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Those aren’t the walls closing in or dimensional space collapsing, that’s just your mind re-calibrating to the resolution of Plant43. A one man electronic project from London who know the meaning of the word mood. Because this concept is what drives his newest, ‘Scars of Intransigence’ firmly into the grey matter along with the requisite bass lines and beats. Don’t bother to wonder where you’ve heard this guy before, just know that somehow you have; despite this being my first encounter with his work it was enough to make me track down every last thing he’s done. His music contains wonder, solace, introspection and most of all: an environment. Plant43’s realm is a quiet yet eerily active one, where the lights may have gone down but there’s no question that things have only begun.

Naturally, there is the obligatory mention of Kraftwerk on his facebook page. Listen deeper and you’ll soon see what a surface reference that is, Plant43’s meticulous attention to all the details in each piece he creates have no commercial goal in mind. Every song here tells a story. The wants and desires of a city after dark come through, expressions pulled up from beneath the heaving skin of the metropolis. With a song such as “Cavernous Bones” the focus shifts almost too sharply into view. Is it a reference to the plague pits or is Emile Facey making a more sweeping statement about the nature of architecture being merely an afterthought to a city’s life cycle. Either way I’m hooked.

The way in which he composes fully arranged pieces and then strips away at their layers only to replace them with new ones really sells what he’s doing. Do these monoliths of concrete and steel dream when we’re not looking… but then there’s the cover of his album which may give the clearest indication about his intent; the time lapsed effluence of our modern age set against the impenetrable and unchanging backdrop of those trees. Humanity have come quite some distance from our days of living within them but they’re always stonily watching. A twilight tableau reaching towards the misty heavens that were there when great empires rose and fell. Rather than appreciating them for the elders they are, we chose to cut across their domain with asphalt to try and tame everything.

Facey has obviously thought about this, otherwise why create such an immersive aural universe to lose one’s self within. I like that you can share these quiet moments across the expanse of wires and feel the glistening atmosphere around you develop as it has for millenia. Unchanged by the currents of these endlessly multiplying mammals; out here in the woods history hangs heavily upon each branch and every leaf or needle is saturated by memory. Intermittent lights may intrude from the highway behind you but ignore these distractions; you are in a most splendid place. Open your mind, you will find that you are not alone. Never alone.

Plant43Scars of Intransigence
Shipwrec, SHIPLP02
LP/Digital 2014

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