Ingenting Kollektiva – Live in Messina/Returning to Messina and Death


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

As a continual reminder of their upcoming full length, Ingenting Kollektiva let a couple more morsels slip out of their grasp for us to sip at gingerly. The temptation to just scarf both of these down is immense, but given the nature of this material a bit of restraint is no bad thing. Outside the leaves are almost all gone, the rain comes constantly and that sky won’t break it’s stony grey stance. It is remarkable how the changing of seasons has been so artfully captured by these wily Invisible Birds, despite these compositions being solely based off of a guitar you can hear entire worlds being built and then washed away.

In key and then out of it, the deviations in tone are subtle and the reverberating frequencies develop into a slowly rolling collection of oppressive phrases; here and there individual notes flit into view only to be blown completely off course by this pulsating mosaic wrested from six strings. Never ones to remain content with any preconceptions about their work, the Kollektiva appear to have embraced not only pure saturation but also their inner Basinski. The decaying arcs of entire galaxies have somehow wound up on their fretboard, simply moving up and down the scales wasn’t enough, nope, they had to go and make these two pieces sentient. Believe me, you’re not alone here, though the doors are locked and the windows sealed there is a presence contained within these pieces which is going to have its say.

Wherever you are in life or this world, work such as this will stop you cold. Like a bracing wind across your face or that lingering exchange which burns for years afterward.

When you put these two together and run them end to end you come up with a touch over 32 minutes. Adding these to the ‘Dream Vision’ excursions which the label released a few months ago results in an album. Not official, of course, but I like to play them in the order they were issued. If these are just the outtakes, then whatever this group have done for ‘An Anatomy of Melancholy’ must really be something. Anyone else would have just done these and called it good, but our Kollektivists wouldn’t dream of it. The vision they have demands that we, the listeners, not only hear what they do but also feel it and have no illusions: you will feel these.

Ingenting KollektivaLive in Messina/Returning to Messina and Death
Oiseaux Invisibles, oiseaux008/oiseaux009
Digital 2014



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