Jake Bell ‎– Awake In My Flying Dream


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Jake Bell was being active around the 70s, playing with The Random Concept and Wooden Wheel.

He released this record by himself in June 2014, and intends to begin in this way a series of electronic albums. “809 Apache” moves from a trip-hop percussive introduction to a pensive mood that calls for meditation and lucid dreaming. The song, similarly to the others, is very lengthy, and shows Jake Bell’s care for the musical treatment of his inner thoughts. His scrupulosity at building different drones around an atmospheric leitmotiv together with a particular mood of creation render the music very effective and influential.

Undoubtedly, his electronics work excellently in live performances and actually he is quite a busy performer. “Broken Arrow” brings together psychedelic guitars and krautrock on a minimalist ambient background.

Bell imagined his tracks with regard to certain dates in direct connection to certain moments and star alignments that should open energy gates. “Cloudship” seems to depict such a distinct phase where the spirit finds tunnels for reaching other planes. Music-wise it’s reminiscent of Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream, with an emphasis on lighter acoustics and space analogies.

“Space Birds” is again a potent and chromatic vision structured from calm, lofty and ethereal sounds, combined with great care and inspiration. You may observe a rhythm common to South American cultures, adorned with electronic cosmetics.

Bell is by now a renewed electronics performer, not as known as others, but certainly of no different value. He can easily change register and on “Dronin’ In The Dark” you can see how he can play with grey specters and more obscure ambiances.

“Awake In My Flying Dream” recovers the lighter dimension of ambient music and it is meant to be an instrument and a support for disengagement and contemplation. As well as a vehicle to help you ‘surf the waves of change’.

Jake Bell ‎– Awake In My Flying Dream
CD 2014

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