Treha Sektori ‎– Severh Sehenh


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Dehn Sora engaged in dark ambient music as a response to an artistic necessity, that demanded from him to complete his photographic art. He is a photographer and graphic designer by formation, and he felt the need to fulfill his visions by adding a musical aspect to his imagery. He is an active artist of the Church of Ra collective, composed of personalities connected to the Belgian Amenra group.

Kaosthetik Konspiration released “Sorieh” in 2009, and Cyclic Law his second opus “Endessiah” in 2012. This same label brings to light the one-track composition “Severh Sehenh” in 2014.

Although there are no silence interludes, only holes of sound, “Severh Sehenh is comprised of several visions materialized into dark ambient textures. It starts to pour delicately like a night-shaded river occasionally hitting the shores with force, and echoing distressingly portentous voices. The texture of the music is remarkably neat and elegant despite its painful proportions, like a mystical treatment of sound made by Endvra on In Slaughter Natives. Going further into the creeping development of the piece, the drones fade more and more into an almost religious relinquishment. That sacral sense of belonging one has been feeling from Raison d’être becomes here a comforting sense of abandonment.

Treha Sektori’s ambiance maternally envelops those who let themselves in, and incarcerates if someone tries to opposes it. Sometimes the stillness of decrepit dark grey tones suggests the inception of an already dead metabolism, connecting the pre-womb life to a future hopeless existence. The imagery of water as amniotic liquid, source of life and prefiguration of death pervades the whole soundscape.

This liquid turned into sound obstinately flows inside shadowed areas, mountain caves and sub-terrestrial crevices. Heavy drones or scarce but strenuous pounds seem to engage the aquatic element into a process of solidification.

Dehn Sora has created his own language of verbal, visual and musical identity, acting as a psychological solvent on the listener who seeps in his music. “Severh Sehneh” continues his past efforts towards a simulacrum of dissolution that genuine artistic expression can convert into an existential solution.

Treha Sektori ‎– Severh Sehenh
Cyclic Law, 66th Cycle
CD 2014


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