Arktau Eos ‎– Scorpion Milk


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

Just as Greek classic tragedy has its origins in the Dyonisian cult, in a like manner musical entities such as Arktau Eos could stem from a future theatre movement of dimensions yet unimaginable to us.

Perhaps there is an anthropological explanation to how and why cults based on genuine faith are nowadays being reserved to as few persons as possible. Allow me to make a parallel. Historically the Eleusis cult disseminated from sparse sources until it became a state cult, and is even now being categorized as a mystery to us, even though in those Hellenistic times it had really reached a panhellenic dimension. Was it easier then to divulge that hidden mystery? “No, because paradoxically there really was no such a mystery”…

And what mystery lies behind this musical offering? Can one expect to at least marginally connect to the substrata of its highly minimal expression? The sound of Scorpion Milk is built upon long reverbs of a picked chord of slightly different bass grave tones. Mysterious intervals of silence or reclusive ambient drones occupy the space in between. Out-of-body vocals whisper above and encircle the passages.

The minimalism of sound on this disc is but another mark of the abstractness of its theme, alike with the sigils and drawings on the covers. The album was first released in 2006 as a Cdr, and has been re-issued in 2014, by Aural Hypnox of course. A pertinent insight on their musical views can be found inside it.

Luis Buñuel begins his classic film “L’Age d’Or” with a footage of scorpions’ behavior and their general despise for anything related to the sun. He further connects this symbolism to images of scatophilia, asserting a reevaluation of excrements in opposition to the hypocritical modern sublimation.

The metaphor gains surrealistic interpretations in terms of defying the generally accepted ethical correctness. The scorpion as a symbol of the earth, of death and the anus releases a primal autonomous matter, the horrific product of the Self alone, and not that of society. His milk gains the value of primordial elements within the Self, whereas his milking connotes an action of bringing to the surface the residuals of the unconsciousness.

Arktau Eos enfolds here an emblematic musical process of maieutic ritual, for those prepared to be milked.

Arktau Eos ‎– Scorpion Milk
Aural Hypnox, [AHSM07]
CD 2014 (Stellar Mansion Series)

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