Gnaw Their Tongues & Alkerdeel ‎– Dyodyo Asema


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This sole track has been materialized as a mutual offering on the naos of the label Consouling Sounds, to celebrate their fifth anniversary in the musical underground. The Belgian label has issued heterogeneous musical acts driven by the characteristics of high quality and uniqueness (Amenra, Simulacra, Aderlating, Thisquietarmy, Neige Morte, Gorath).

The two acts here, Alkerdeel from Belgium and Gnaw Their Tongues from Netherlands, share sibling visions upon artistic subjects, although their approach differs in terms of musical writing; whereas Alkerdeel makes use of black/ doom metal instrumentation, Gnaw Their Tongues prefers to manipulate analogue digital sounds blended with metallic cacophony. On “Dyodyo Asema” they worked conjointly to perform their movements of phantasmagoria as a whole body.

The guitars start moving outrageously slow, like some arachnoid crawling under the dirt (likely to the one pictured on the cover). There is only a morbid flattering on the chords, picked in spite and despondency. The vocals not only corrode this already rusty spectrum, but with their demonic timbre the sound begins to dissipate and coalesce into inorganic life.

Naturally this viscosity can no longer be held as if it had nothing but disintegrates all around; so like the moribund spasm of someone being strangulated, the drone-black ambiance suddenly ejaculates a torturous raw black metal line. A strenuous, painful and majestic Luciferian tapestry of virulent sounds draws the black veil in front of an alienated observer, who will only be taken out of his perplexity by a noise-laden interruption. The emotional register moves to a much deeper level, adding a suicidal atmosphere to the black metal assault that soon becomes saturated and declines in swirling sparkling noises, dying in a mass of concerting flesh, spirit and magma alike. Like an impotent volcano, it erupts slabs of death-noise here and there, announcing a complete extinction.

The haunted memory of the listener is imploded with sediments layered in immemorial times by Abruptum, Katharsis, Stalaggh or Bunkur. He feels gratified and transformed – and perhaps he also discovers he has been transformed into a gigantic bug.

Gnaw Their Tongues & Alkerdeel ‎– Dyodyo Asema
Consouling Sounds, Soul0033
CD/LP 2013

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