Ekoplekz – Four Track Mind


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Well everyone, we’re going to have to give up our hero and share him with the rest. There really is no way that the underground can hold on to Ekoplekz any longer, ‘Four Track Mind’ is the one which many are going to discover him through. But how you say, 300 copies, how is this feasible? I’ve been listening to him for a while now and what he’s got on display this time out is his most concise material yet. All throughout the numerous releases which have flowed into my ears I could hear him working out the variables, adjusting the bits and bytes; as with any artist out there who has taken a different path from those around him, Ekoplekz have become a go-to entity for many. In the time since I discovered him, his name has gotten around and is no longer just the province of audiophiles, experimentalists and eclectic connoisseurs.

He’s on the radar now, with eleven compositions this lethal he’ll soon be rising in stature; you see, it’s quite simple to just mess about with your gear and call it done once a particular point of chaos has been reached. Edwards breaks through the morass of tinkering to give up extremely ordered work, there is a strong rhythmic narrative that runs through most of what is on here and he’s anchoring a lot of it with a bass guitar. I’ve no idea what he owns, so you music theory addicts can sort that out. His playing (if it is playing and not just meticulous sampling) tends to favor individual notes with long decays and a dearth of theatrics. No slapping will be found, although there’s plenty of funk sneaking into the mix… a very dismembered, eviscerated form of funk.

Pick a sound and follow it. Down down down the unmarked path it scampers and even though those thorns are starting to bite you’ll keep going. That’s how it is with what he does: you don’t care how bizarre the arrangements get or how incisive the contrasts become, you must know the outcome. As with anything he does, time becomes irrelevant and before you know it, that needle is being dropped again. Maybe I’ve just become inundated by Ekoplekz because how he puts it all together has become the norm to me, many others out there are now the ones who sound off and have dropped the ball. If he ever did decide to put out notations or any kind of sheet music for what he’s done… yeah right. There’s no delineating this amount of detail. The human mind would snap.

So it’s down to the brass tacks with ‘Four Track Mind’. Our friend here has transitioned from being a fringe dweller defining the boundaries to someone holding the patents on how to get there in the first place. I’m loving this new approach he’s taking, putting in actual melodies; my word, is he toying with additional atmospherics? How could any more be squeezed into the equation, only he knows but I’ve got to go back to that bass for a moment. Deep, percussive and puncturing, the kind of harmonic detonation which would make the deaf speak and the blind man see.

We’ve been lucky to have him to ourselves, my friends because limited run or not you can bet that the wires are going to be humming with digital giddiness all over the world. He’s out of the box.

EkoplekzFour Track Mind
Planet Mu, ZIQ353
2xLP/Digital 2014

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