Contest #15: Results

Here are the results of our Neonymus contest. I know, we were supposed to announce it earlier this week. Technical problems, sorry.

First of all, the answers to the first two questions:

1. The album was recorded at the Benedictine Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos;
2. Silberius de Ura or Silverio Cavia.

And here are the winners and their answers to the third question (Describe the most fascinating and magic place on Earth you had the opportunity to visit?):

1. A mysterious entity hidden under B. initial:

“I think the most fascinating place I’ve been would be the Preikestolen in Norway, an awesome cliff with a 600m fall into the fjord with amazing views. Although the lack of safety fences and people sitting and standing right in the edge of the cliff to take pictures, they said no one had ever had any accident… until just a few weeks after my visit, when a spanish tourist accidentally fell from the cliff and died. Very tragic.

But, next Sunday I’m going to see Neønymus live in the Salnitre caves, inside the mountain of Montserrat (Barcelona). So, I hope next time someone asks me this question I can answer “the Salnitre caves seeing Neønymus”, because I have the feeling it will be a really fascinating experience.”

2. Sarah Lundy:

“The Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland, was pretty freakin’ awsome, primitive, as was Skellig Michael off the coast of Kerry (I don’t get outta Ireland much haa)..ancient resonance”

3. Chris Scott Hands:

“I have a childhood memory of somewhere in the north of Ireland, but I’m not sure of the exact location. I was with some members of my family, since most of them live there. I remember an area of almost untouched nature and high stalks of grass. These were so high that I could barely see anything around me, except the pale white sky. My cousins, my brother and myself, who were all small children, spotted a white goat hidden between the tall stalks and ran towards it. We chased the goat through the wet grass and the cold air until we reached a rock wall. Above the wall stood the goat with his own family: a herd of white goats that gazed at us for a few seconds, as if they were saluting us, before disappearing into the hights.”

Thank you all for the participation. We’ll contact the winners via email.


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