Matthew Swiezynski – The Castle at Cothen / Dream Vision: Version I & II


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Sunday morning with the incense going, the coffee nearby and fantastical drone coming out of the speakers. This series of work is focused on giving a larger audience access to Ingenting Kollektiva’s neigh-impossible to acquire track “The Castle at Cothen” and two revisions of it which band leader M. Swiezynski composed recently to extend and accentuate it’s piercing, permeating haze. He claims he’s got Bach in here somewhere but if it is, our Johann has been severely sliced and diced. To the point of being unrecognizable at best; more a hint of the man I’d say, there’s just too much distortion in the field to make a clear identification.

All across these three mammoth tracks are the whispers of one’s own subconscious toying with reality, to sit down and play these through will invite a noticeable shift in the world around you. Ghostly tendrils of what may or may not have been individual notes at some point careen across this spectral terrarium like insects in the late summer heat in search of carrion to feast upon. Mark these pieces well, they aren’t for the uninitiated and should be approached with great caution even if you are an appreciator. I’ll make about the only firm description I can of what he’s done as being this: demanding. You put this one out on his own and some magnificently appointed discord begins to take root in your skull, for reasons you may not even be aware of.

This is remarkably cold, perhaps in relation to where both he and the label are moving to. A dour, overcast and rainy place where the city lights look down upon stunning disparity and tourist-mandated sustainability. I know quite well where these sounds belong, what they seek to convey and who they’re aimed at. The only question remaining is the why, which is not for me to say but I’ll be more than happy to speculate. If you’ll indulge me for just a little while longer, it can be your good deed for the year.

The artist in question is a wanderer, one who gets up and is immediately restless. Having met the man once, this became quite clear within a matter of minutes. His work is done because it must be, he needs something to chronicle his own personal desire to see things and experience places which cannot be found through a stationary existence. It all comes down to the age-old question: just how far will you follow your muse in search of beauty and truth. It’s a quest which has burned through more than it’s share of creative souls but I’ve a feeling that Matthew is going to get much closer to what he’s after through pieces such as these.

Dreams are powerful talismans of our own nature which we keep hidden from the world outside, from those closest to us and if the Japanese saying is true: even from ourselves. Instead of writing it all out in the medium of words, Swiezynski brings us the soundtrack which is more harrowing than either Tennyson’s lofty accolades or Eliot’s hollowest man. We can only hope that our composer here finds what he is after and wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.

Matthew SwiezynskiThe Castle at Cothen / Dream Vision: Version I & II
Invisible Birds, oiseaux005, 006 & 007
CDr/Digital 2014

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