Heroin In Tahiti ‎– Peplum


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This album has been released by the quite prolific Italian label AVANT!, in fact by their sublabel Yerevan tapes. It’s in our interest to search out more of their releases, as they are rather adventurous and intricate, to say the least.

Heroin in Tahiti is a valid figure in the so-called ‘Italian Occult Psychedelia’, with one ful-length release, “Death Surf”, in 2012, a collaboration LP with Ensemble Economique, and the present EP. The duo resides in the Borgata Boredom scene, a sort of local community from East Rome.

On “Peplum” they’ve gathered two tracks of speckled ‘spaghetti sound’. Side A sees the song “Peplum” that constructs an original sound deeply sourced in Italian tonalities. Jazzy guitars, lounge synths, the sparkling of a mellotron are moving lightly on a corruptive melody line conjuring up cinematic imagery. Somewhere the music suggests the last TMK Pilot, but in a rather more reflective and sophisticated way.

“Alo” occupies side B and follows a more mysterious line, breathing old frequencies of obscure tunes which would resound in smoke-filled discothèques of the 70s. This song has been part of an exhibition by English artist Phil Collins, along with other respected indie experimental acts which they remind us of (Demdike Stare, Planningtorock, Maria Minerva, Pye Corner Audio, Peaking Lights).

You should taste this plate of pasta. Lo-fi and tavern-sounding al dente live melodies, connecting the listener to a vaudeville atmosphere of rude exhibitionism and appealing exoticism.

Heroin In Tahiti ‎– Peplum
Yerevan Tapes, YER007
7″, 2014

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