[news] Ingenting Kollektiva upcoming release


[author: Peter Marks]

Yet another artist makes us break our silence about upcoming work and this time it’s Ingenting Kollektiva. After some delays, a new album is slated for vinyl release.’An Anatomy of Melancholy’ is due out before the end of the year and with a title like that it promises to be another outing into strangely captivating ambiance. Naturally, Invisible Birds will be issuing this LP with all their usual understated aplomb so put out those lights!

In other related news, the label have put up two new works by Matthew Swiezynski as well as the ultra-limited bonus track from Ingenting’s last outing which is named “The Castle at Cothen”. This piece was previously only available with the special edition of ‘Lost Beyond Telling’ in an edition of eleven. All of these can now be obtained through their Bandcamp page. And if that were not enough information to process there is a new project which Swiezynski is involved with named Community of Light. Currently, only one song is available to listen to on their Soundcloud page but further recording is no doubt on the cards.

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