TeHÔM – Lacrimae Mundi


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

Answers come in dreams, or so I’ve heard. ‘Lacrimae Mundi’ is more than just an answer, however, it is the key which solves a mystery I’ve been studying for years.

In 1993, I purchased an EP from a band called Implant Code on the Minus Habens label. Now, this release was a finely honed example of 90s dark electro that anyone would be happy to own a copy of. It was also the only thing this band ever did because not long after they appeared, they disappeared. Vanishing into the ether. This was not an uncommon phenomena, more than a few other acts pulled this magic trick but unlike a lot of them I kept going back to this morsel year after year after year.

It bears mentioning that the two names who originally made up TeHÔM had one other stab at this style in the 1990s: Principia Audiomatica. But again, after one release in 1995, it too dropped off the face of the Earth. Who were these guys and why did they keep appearing and then just disintegrating before my very ears!? To say this was maddening is an understatement. I suspect only a couple of friends at the time and myself were even bothering to try and keep tabs on a pair of musicians so far away from home. Yet we’d scour the print magazines of that era for news, we’d haunt BBS boards and glean through hours of chat logs looking for something… anything.

So you can imagine my surprise when I did a bit of research into TeHÔM as a band and discovered just who was behind it, and is now the sole member carrying the project’s name on after the death of Sinisa Ocurcak. None other than Miljenko Rajakovic, a fellow I’d about given up hope of ever hearing from again. As with things of this nature, you’re going to get a particular tactile experience out of ‘Lacrimae Mundi’ which will pull you back repeatedly. It is the aftermath of a wildfire burning everything to the ground. Bits of debris and the foul stench of burnt organic material hangs heavily in the air.

Have a look at the cover of this album and it’s purpose becomes quite plain. Some sort of creature kneels before fire it may or may not have started as though it is asking this rampant force of destruction for guidance. Perhaps the answer it seeks comes out of the thick, curling columns of smoke which are then used to bridge the spaces between stars and the hidden revelations which lie betwixt them. This is absolutely what I’d term interstellar ambient. It’s quite dark, so don’t worry but that is just one facet to what is going on. Close your eyes and you, too, will find yourself becoming only an abstract construct burnished out of light and shadow.

Faster and faster the revolutions spin us until they transcend their cyclic origins to become revelations. In order to break free from humanity’s monotony one has to first recognize that it is designed only to distract and neuter the mind, cast your eyes to the heavens and remember that all of this has happened before. We have been in this place time and time again, it is only through rejecting the prison of time’s keeping that we will ever move forward. I suppose TeHÔM are already well on the way to doing this, you have my gratitude for making me a copy of your methodology.

TeHÔMLacrimae Mundi
Cyclic Law, 67th Cycle
CD/Digital 2014

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