Australasia ‎– Vertebra


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

This project is led by Gian Spalluto, who has seen his first album released by Immortal Frost Productions in 2013. The Italian composer works with other interpreters to create an enjoyable metallic musical ambiance.

A wide range of styles can be found on this record: the first track, “Aorta” sees a simple and effective combination of post-rock and post-black metal going directly to reminiscences of the Japanese Mono. The personal feature consists of a calmer and more relaxed attitude towards the reaction provoked in the listener’s soul.

“Vostok” derives from an Italian, commonly giallo-driven theme to the loving accumulation of light chords interrupted by acoustic monologues that most enjoy within this musical style. Gian Spalluto composes under a serene mood embroiled in a sort of childish melancholy that helps him write such songs as “Zero”. The highschool reunion, happy tone of this almost pop rock song uses some slight touches of more aggressive music to inflame the hearts of those still innocent. On “Aura” we have again an indie female voice working it out on a nice melody.

Same goes for “Antenna”, where the tremolo chords are clouded by spicy keys and agitated by metallic digressions. “Volume” follows a similar path picturing a denser atmosphere, and “Vertebra” slows down the rhythm to likely neofolk, post-rock lullabies. “Apnea” shows once again an appetence for pop rock lightness, retouched by electronics. More akin to alternative rock, these writings have a nuanced jazzy mood that makes them fit for a distressing lounge pause. And if the music becomes more alert such as in “Deficit”, the feedback stays the same.

Perhaps the band’s truly peculiar features are gathered on the final track, “Cinema”, the post-rock textures of which are treated with a structured jazz nostalgia and embellished with an Italian synthpop green-and-yellow makeup.

Australasia offers a pleasant 35 minute disc, very enjoyable in certain moments of the day and appealing enough to wait for its follow-up.

Australasia ‎– Vertebra
Immortal Frost Productions, IFP 018
CD 2013

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