Harassor – Into Unknown Depths


[Reviewed by Peter Marks]

There are about as many metal sub-genres as there are stars at this point, Los Angeles’ Harassor are the first of a new breed. This isn’t just Black or Thrash metal, this is something else: Cataclysmic. The power lines snap and descend upon the desperate who flee, the Earth opens up to swallow the survivors whole and all the while ‘Into Unknown Depths’ is all anyone can find on the radio dial. Forget FEMA, forget any kind of civil defense: the only sound braying over this apocalyptic din is that of Lord Fouland Lord Time beating the hell out of their instruments while front man Pete Majors careens through his own vocal cords while chewing fiberglass insulation. If this sounds like your kind of fun, I would recommend two things: serious therapy and a copy of this to undo that therapy.

Harassor’s album is short and to the point, just a bit over 41 minutes. They don’t waste time on melody or harmonics, you technical types would be advised to stick with your Dream Theatre records and not even bother with this. These three utilize their gear to churn out massively effective diatribes wrought out of hatred and disgust. No, there isn’t any sort of camp being employed here so just put the sly winks away. They’re not the type to go out burning down churches but I’ll say this: not since the days of the Cavaleras commanding Sepultura or Death’s long reign of terror have I been this stunned by a metal record. If you can even call it that. There’s a healthy dose of prime-era Accused running around with regard to the thrash influences.

Martha would love these boys.

Song structures are generally kept to a minimum amount of development, the riffs drive this machine have no doubts. Most interestingly, they have no bassist which leads me to speculate how much cooler the 90s grunge scene would have been with this lot stalking shows and ripping the guts out of those nitwits and their oh so ironic flannel. We have a band here who espouse massive hatred for all humanity, there isn’t any discrimination going on… step out of line and they’ll bludgeon you into the six foot underground. Beware barflies and watch your back Tumblr scum, Harassor are coming for you.

Would you believe this sort of thing was going on in LA? That smarmy capital of apathetic rock and roll, that plastic oasis of marketing orgies, oh woe unto you Babylon your time is neigh.

HarassorInto Unknown Depths
Dais Records, DAIS055
LP/Digital 2014

HARASSOR – In Death (music video) from sandor finta on Vimeo.

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