Synsophony – Rabbit Hole


[Reviewed by: Iaha Crax]

It could be a curious assonant linkage, played on a sophomore symphony of the self and on a cacophonous pun derived from a surrealistic framed sound alliteration.

Rabbit Hole is one noise hollowed piece that rests on scorched textures of tidal liquid sounds, poured in massive drops into the hole of one’s hearing apparatus. The dynamic of the track is anomalous but paradoxically linear; it is gaining in volume power, and when you expect it to explode into a harsh-noise wall the texture just liquefies, transforming into some viscous death-ambient petroleum substance.

You move blindfolded through this bleak smog that invades your senses and floods your perception by a slow, masochistic congestion of abrasive frequencies. Sometimes it brings into memory the mine cartographies designed by Negru Voda and some more refined demonic power electronics in the manner of the American project Goat, but on an aesthetic level the project may very well draw inspiration from drone-sludge tapestries like those crafted by Sunn O))). They mention as sources bands from different backgrounds, like Lustmord and Flint Glass, Watain and Nachtmystium or Thou and Bongripper.

Irrespective of what feeds their minds with sounds and noises, Synsophony crawls behind your back whether you will like this EP or not. The sound literally digs into the mind, hole after hole, and infiltrates it by circular drillings until there is no more room for yourself. This is when the rabbit comes in, because you have to possess rabbit ears to endure this!

By the (rabbit’s) way, Synsophony is an avatar of Lewis Caroll living again in the same Britain in the flesh of two drone-men, and releasing this work not on paper, but on the same cassette a black rabbit would perhaps do so, with the help of Acephale Winter Productions. So that if you ever go down into the the rabbithole again, Synsophony showed you what to expect.

SynsophonyRabbit Hole
Digital 2014

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